Gift giving sure can feel complicated and overwhelming during the holidays, especially when buying for children. Not because there is a shortage of options, but because most toys on the market feel like something you’ll end up adding to the donation pile in three months. When looking for gifts for my kids, and other children in my life, I have 3 criteria that they need to meet. I want them to be affordable, useful and fun. It’s the icing on the cake, or rather, the ribbon on the box, when it also incorporates learning in some way. Enter the APEGA Holiday Gift Guide!

APEGA gift guide 2020

It’s the answer to this mother’s prayers! Move over playthings that quickly get discarded and enter unique, captivating and educational toys that will have my kids coming back for more, time and again. The guide features toys from trusted brands like Fisher Price, Alex, LEGO, Crayola, Discovery, National Geographic and more! The guide is easily sorted by age group, with a variety of price ranges represented. Read on for some of Family Fun Edmonton’s top picks for 2020!

APEGA Gift Guide 2020

Ages 1-4

For the younger kids, there’s plenty of ideas geared toward hands on learning. Give your kids the freedom to experiment and they’ll discover just how much fun simple science can be! Gaining foundational STEM skills sets them up for future success in our fast-paced world.

  • Sick! Science Rainbow Straws (12.99 CAD)
    Simple colour-mixing experiments for the littlest scientist learning at home.
  • Geosafari Jr. Ladybug Garden ($30.97 CAD)
    A bug-safe garden habitat for your outdoor explorer to raise and study their captured ladybugs.
  • Coding Critters ($34.99 CAD)
    A cute and interactive beginner coding set, complete with a storybook adventure.
  • Educational Insights Design & Drill Activity Centre ($55.97 CAD)
    A toy drill set that helps kids get creative and challenge their problem-solving skills.
  • …. and MORE!

APEGA Gift Guide 2020

Ages 5-10

It’s clear the creators of this guide “get” the stuff that excites and intrigues kids! Having 3 kids within the ages of 5 to 10, I can tell you that several of these items are on their wish lists this year. There’s something for every child – whether they lean more to creativity, outdoor exploration, or interactive technology.

  • Gross Clean Science ($24.97 CAD)
    DIY soapy creations like slime, putty and gelly for kids who like all things icky.
  • Nature Explorer Kit ($31.69 CAD)
    A beginner biologist set in a bag for learning about small crawling and flying animals.
  • Wall Climber RC Car ($44.99 CAD)
    High Tech remote control car that can race on walls, ceilings or glass.
  • National Geographic Hobby Rock Tumbler ($69.99 CAD)
    Take your average river rocks and turn them into beautifully polished treasures.
  • Littlebits Avengers Hero Inventor Kit ($94.99 CAD)
    For the one who dreams of saving the world, everything they need to create custom superhero gear.
  • …. and MORE!

APEGA Gift Guide 2020

Ages 11+

As kids grow older, they get harder to impress and gift giving gets even tricker. But APEGA hasn’t left you without ideas for them either!  The 11+ age group will love the electronics, microscope, chemistry kits and more advanced coding robots offered in the guide.

  • Discovery Kids Crystal Growing Kit ($14.96 CAD)
    Watch your own crystals grow at home, while learning about the chemical reactions that create them.
  • AmScope Beginner Microscope Kit ($56.99 CAD)
    A real microscope with prepared slides and blank ones too, for the budding scientist at home.
  • Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit & Code ($69.99 CAD)
    For the Star Wars enthusiast, this kit allows you to build and control your very own R2D2.
  • Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit ($129.99 CAD)
    Program your own wand and watch spells come to life on screen, perfect for the Harry Potter fan.
  • …. and MORE!

APEGA Gift Guide

APEGA is even running a contest – readers who spot the adorable elves, Peggy and Al, in the guide can enter to win one of the amazing toys featured in the catalogue! The contest runs from November 15 until December 4, 2020. With gifts starting at just $11.13, the APEGA Holiday Gift Guide is ideal for gifting smarter on a budget. This holiday season, choose toys that will educate, empower and excite – and plant a seed for a smarter New Year!

APEGA 2020 Gift Guide: