Are you heading to Drumheller this summer and looking for a new activity that the whole family can enjoy? For your next road trip to Drumheller, be sure to add Barney’s Outdoor Adventure Park to your must-do list! This fun park offers up 40+ activities including a mega slide, petting zoo, animatronic dinosaur walk, and more, making it the perfect kid-friendly complement to the many other popular tourist attractions in town.

Barney's Adventure Park

Barney’s Outdoor Adventure Park officially opened in 2021 and is located just 5 minutes west of the Royal Tyrrell Museum. Barney’s was inspired by the rich history of Drumheller, with elements throughout the park playing ode to the paleontological, agricultural, and coal-mining history in the area. Your whole family will have a blast discovering the Barnyard, Boomtown, and Boneyard areas of this amazing 27 acre playground in the heart of the Alberta Badlands!

Barney's Adventure Park Drumheller

Barney’s Outdoor Adventure Park Barnyard

Find friendly farm animals and more in the Barnyard! Bring your pocket change to buy animal feed for the goats and chickens, plus see the other adorable animals including bunnies, ponies, and sheep. Everyone can have fun in the Barnyard cheering on the mini pig races, taking a ride on the tractor swings, playing the carnival games, and enjoying a spin around the kart track.

Barney's Outdoor Adventure Park Drumheller


Celebrate Drumheller’s history as a coal mining town as you run, jump, swing, slide and glide through the many obstacles in Boomtown! The Morse Mine, Bleriot Ferry, 11 Bridges to Wayne and Star Mine have all been honoured in fun ways like themed ziplines and climbing towers. There is no shortage of adventure here with the chance to get lost in the corn maze, cool off at the water tower and mist zone, challenge your family to giant lawn games, and try your luck mining for gems!

Boomtown is also a great spot for visitors to grab a cool drink or delicious treat from one of Barney’s food stands, or bring your own food to enjoy at one of the picnic tables. It can get very hot in the Badlands heat (+38C / 100F) so you will want to plan your day with plenty of hydration and sun protection.

Barney's Outdoor Adventure Park Drumheller

Boneyard & Dinosaur Trail

Drumheller and dinosaurs go hand-in-hand so it only makes sense to discover them at Barney’s Outdoor Adventure Park! Enjoy life-sized animatronic versions of your favourite prehistoric creatures along the Jurassic walk, then put on your paleontologist cap and unearth bones of the past in the dino dig. Just remember not to approach, feed or climb on any of the dinosaurs!

Barney's Outdoor Adventure Park Drumheller

Come for the dinosaurs and stay for all the other fun! Barney’s Outdoor Adventure Park truly has something for everyone to enjoy between the animal interactions, games, mazes, and climbing structures. Add it as a destination on your next Drumheller trip and give your family a day of fun to look forward to in the Badlands!

Barney’s Outdoor Adventure Park:

When: Open Daily from June 29 – September 4, 2023
Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Address: Highway 838 West – Drumheller Valley