When is the last time you visited the Muttart Conservatory? With the all-new Brick by Brick exhibit in the Feature pyramid, this summer may be the perfect time to plan a visit! There is always something new and exciting to check out whether you have visited the Muttart several times before, or it is a brand new experience for you.

Muttart Conservatory

When I mentioned wanting to my husband wanting to check out the new LEGO themed exhibit, we quickly realized that he has never visited the Muttart in his 25+ years living in Edmonton. I guess I have always just taken the kids on my own or accompanied them on school field trips. To remedy this, we decided to take advantage of the extended hours during Thursday Family Night and head out together after my husband was home from work.

Brick by Brick Muttart Conservatory

It was actually amazing to enjoy the pyramids with fresh eyes and a whole new perspective. All the wonderful things the kids and I have already experienced were new again as he expressed his delight walking into and through each pyramid. He said the warm temperature and atmosphere in the Arid and Tropical Pyramids both made him feel like he was back on our recent Vegas Vacation.

Arid Pyramid Muttart Conservatory

After a quick stop to see the LEGO re-creation of the Muttart in the central court, the kids made a quick beeline to the Brick by Brick Feature pyramid! Inside we were amazed by scale versions of Edmonton Landmarks made up of thousands of LEGO bricks. These impressive creations from The Northern Alberta Lego Users Group (NALUG) include the Hotel Macdonald and a 24 foot long replica of the High Level Bridge.

Brick by Brick Muttart Conservatory

Around the perimeter of the pyramid are even more displays made up of off-the-shelf LEGO sets, plus plenty of additional pieces to help set each scene. The Disney display really has me wanting to add a lot more to my own Castle at home! Plus there was also a fun collection of Jurassic Park, Star Wars, and LEGO botanical sets scattered among the fresh flowers in the pyramid.

Brick by Brick Muttart Conservatory

Next we strolled through the Temperate pyramid and were delighted to see more of the LEGO theme had spilled over. We had fun spotting the brick flowers planted among the real plants and checking out the fish in the pond. Although the other 3 permanent pyramids do not undergo the same drastic makeovers as the Feature Pyramid, they are always worth checking out because you never know what might be in bloom or what interesting things you may have glanced over on previous visits.

Temperate Pyramid Muttart Conservatory

Our next stop was a visit to the cactuses in the Arid pyramid. Here we found more LEGO surprises and spent more time then expected discovering all the strange cactus variations. Our Star Wars loving thought this particular touch was well played!

Brick by Brick Muttart Conservatory

There was no LEGO that we could see in the Tropical pyramid, but it is colourful enough all on its own with an amazing selecting of lush tropical plants and vibrant flowers. This pyramid is my favourite with its sweet smells and humidity that bring me way right back to our Hawaii.

Tropical Pyramid Muttart Conservatory

It was a beautiful summer evening so we wrapped up the night with a short stroll to finally check out the Tawatinâ footbridge. All in all it was a great experience for everyone and we look forward to returning as a family in the winter when we all feel like we are in need of another warm vacation!

Tawatinâ footbridge Edmonton

Brick by Brick:

When: June 26 to August 25, 2023
Time: Friday to Wednesday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm; Thursday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
 Muttart Conservatory
Address: 9626 – 96A Street, Edmonton
Website: www.edmonton.ca