ceilidh is a Scottish or Irish gathering, often marked by the joyful expression of singing, dancing, and storytelling. Celtic Ceilidh Dance Academy embraces this heritage, with a wide variety of dance programs for all ages and levels. Whether your young dancer is just getting started or already knows what they love, there is something for everyone here. Dance adds a spark of joy to every day; it’s the perfect activity to promote health, wellness, and happiness!

Celtic Ceilidh Dance Academy began as a Highland dance school in 1995 and has since developed into a well-rounded dance studio offering classes in Highland, Irish, Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, Stretch, Yoga, and Pilates. The primary focus in every discipline is developing the proper form and technique. With a warm, welcoming environment, the academy is committed to providing the dance experience each dancer hopes for, from dancing recreationally, to taking exams and becoming dance instructors themselves. There is something for everyone!

Celtic Ceilidh

Little dancers from ages 3 – 6 can develop a love for dance in the Celtic Ceilidh Preschool and Primary Programs. With a focus on body awareness, timing, musicality, and basic movements, children can find classes in Highland, Ballet, and Irish. If you have older dancers, there are terrific options in Highland, Ballet, and Irish dance, of course, and you’ll also find dance classes in Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, and even K-Pop! To augment dance classes, kids can also register for Stretch classes. Even adults can get in on the fun, adding a Pilates or Barre class while you wait for your dancer or even taking dance lessons yourself!

Celtic Ceilidh Dance Academy (Family Fun Edmonton)

If your child is interested in dance, but isn’t sure what kind of dance, the experienced instructors at the Celtic Ceilidh Dance Academy can help guide their decision. Ballet is always a good choice to start, as a foundation for all dance, building strength, body awareness, and flexibility. And as they are exposed to dance in general, they may be naturally drawn to a particular style as they continue.

Registration is now open for fall 2022 at the Celtic Ceilidh Dance Academy. Your dancer will have fun, enjoy a good challenge, and make new friends who share the love of dance and tradition, all while discovering their own potential. Dance with joy!

Celtic Ceilidh Dance Academy:

When: Classes begin in September 2022
Where: Argyll Centre, 130 – 6325 Gateway Boulevard NW, Edmonton
Phone: 780-490-4544
Email: info@celticceilidhdance.com
Website: celticceilidhdance.com