Let’s talk about maternity clothes.

Both times I have been pregnant were in the winter.

Now, I have seen enormously pregnant ladies languishing in the August heat and felt deep sympathy, and I’m not saying I would rather go through that! However, the effort of trying to gingerly cross the icy street while carrying a girth that was previously unthought-of, while contending with a centre of gravity perilously close to my knees, was not something of which I was fond.

I have often thought that I would gladly give birth three times if I could just skip the pregnancy part.

I did not glow once in the cumulative 81 weeks I was with child.

Maternity wear
What I did like about being pregnant was the freedom I felt in my body. It was the only time in my life I felt confident, even comfortable, in a bikini. It was okay to wear tight shirts and sit in a slouchy way, taking full, stomach pushing breathes because it wasn’t my rolls, it was my adorable baby bump. And those luscious double Ds didn’t hurt either.

If you are pregnant, I hope your feel happy and confident in your body. (I also hope you feel that way if you aren’t pregnant!) A pregnant body is beautiful; it is helping perform a miracle, maternity wear should help you feel good too.

We can all take a page from Global BC’s meteorologist Kristi Gordon, who has been forced into the bizarre position of defending her maternity wardrobe. Most of us, thankfully, will never be under that level of scrutiny. I doubt I would have been able to scrape together the graciousness of Ms. Gordon!

I also am a little envious of the aforementioned wardrobe, although my maternity days are well over. If you are still in the midst of yours, you may want to check out these stores for clothing that gorgeous belly!

I also want to give a shoutout to second hand maternity clothes. The clothes generally have only been worn for a matter of months and you can save a bundle! Check the maternity sections (sometimes mixed in with plus sizes) at Goodwill and Value Village, or some of the local online buy and sell sites…Facebook has a ton!

Local boutiques:

Yo Mama

Bosom Babies

Chain retailers

Motherhood Maternity



Old Navy

GAP online


Pink Blush

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