Green Circle Preschool is a play-based preschool in Southwest Edmonton in a unique natural learning environment. Children ages 3 to 5 will enjoy opportunities to learn and grow while enjoying the benefits of plenty of outdoor play through all seasons.

Green Circle Preschool Storytime

Learning through play is the guiding philosophy at Green Circle Preschool. Through a combination of unstructured play and organized activities, your child will develop intellectual, emotional, social and physical skills that help prepare them for the school years ahead. Children will enjoy the comfort of a daily routine, while being given the freedom to choose what to play with and explore during each class. Available activities may include everything from water and sand play, arts and crafts, math and writing games, to puzzles, carpentry, dramatic play and more. Things are kept fresh and exciting in the classroom with a regular two week rotation of toys and activities based on math, science and literacy learning themes. Field trips and guest presenters are also often incorporated into these themes.

Green Circle Preschool Classroom

For many parents, social and emotional development are two of the key components of preschool. Your child will have the opportunity to build new friendships and learn to co-operate as part of a larger group during class-wide activities like snack time, outdoor free play, stories and songs. Children will be given the tools to help ease the absence for their parents and will also be empowered to be more self-reliant through dressing and cleaning up after themselves.

Green Circle Preschool Sledding

Green Circle Preschool is proudly located in Parkallen Elementary School, with access to the neighbourhood’s lush green spaces, playground and community garden. Students will come dressed for the weather and learn to appreciate being outdoors while playing in almost all weather conditions. Daily physical activity is made fun and interesting through exploratory play, group games, dramatic play and creative movement.

The Preschool program is designed to be two days a week geared to 3 year olds (Tues/Thurs), three days a week geared to 4 year olds (Mon/Wed/Fri), or choose to have your child attend all five days. Classes run from 9:00 to 11:30 am each day.

Green Circle Preschool Outdoors

The school is a parent run collective, offering up opportunities to volunteer and be involved in your child’s early learning journey. There are no set parent helper days, but some volunteer time is required and there is always space for extra involvement on the executive board.

How to Register Your Kid for Green Circle Preschool

Come discover for yourself the place where friendships grow and children blossom! Visit the website to watch a great introductory video with Mrs Anderson and see a full tour of the classroom space. For more smiling faces and pictures of daily activities in the classroom, be sure to check out the Green Circle Preschool Facebook page.

For all further questions, Green Circle Preschool is always happy to hear from you via email. If you are ready to register now, simply head to the online registration link to fill in your information.

Green Circle Preschool holds their open house in March. Please visit their home page for further information.

Green Circle Preschool:

Where: Parkallen School
Address: 6703 – 112 Street, Edmonton
When: Monday, Wednesday & Friday; 9:00 am – 11:30 am (4 year olds) | Tuesday & Thursday; 9:00 am – 11:30 am (3 year olds)
Phone: (780)435-3129