The Meadows Recreation Centre Now Open!


original photo courtesy of the City of Edmonton

original photo courtesy of the City of Edmonton

The beautiful Meadows Recreation Centre recently opened in the South East corner of the city. If you can get through the frustrating line control at the admissions desk, the centre is a wonderful place to spend the day with your family.

For the record, the “Quick Scan” line is for people with membership cards who are scanning themselves in. The “admissions, memberships and registrations” line is for everything else. Deep breath. Now that I have that off my type-a chest, the visit:

The new recreation centre is a beautiful space, and that is important. Too often buildings suffer from utilitarian design at the cost of aesthetic pleasure, and I have to say, coming up on a lovely building surrounded my fields of white snow, makes the snow not quite so hateful.

The wood and steel seem to create an atmosphere that won’t soon feel dated. Can a new building be classic? I think the Meadow Recreation Centre is classic!

Inside there are rinks (hockey parents of the southeast let out a collective cheer at the easing of ice congestion); an Edmonton Public Library branch with waist high shelves (in library lingo thats “stacks”) that are a boon for security…no weirdos hiding in the stacks; plenty of programming rooms; fitness area complete with weights and track, gymnasium space; a great indoor playground; and of course the aquatics area.


The aquatics area, image courtesy of the City of Edmonton

The aquatics side is made up of several pools: a lap pool, an adjustable depth pool for teaching and fitness classes, a massive hot tub, a gradual depth leisure pool with squirting water features and my kids’ favourite, the waterslide. I am so grateful to whoever invented waterslides that don’t eject you into a pool because it means young kids can ride them without a lungful of water in the tank at the end, like the way it was in my day!

The indoor playground is bright and colourful and not too tall which I love. I just hate having to climb through those Habitrail-for-Children tubes to rescue my stranded munchkins who find themselves too high and frozen firmly in place. The height of this one has negated the rescue aspect, although I have still been forced by the small dictators to play: wedging myself through those plastic tunnels, endlessly electrocuted by static electricity so the brave knights can chase me, the evil dragon.

The Meadow Recreation Centre is a fabulous addition to the no longer barren south east corner of the city. With the area rapidly growing with many young families, we are so glad to have another venue for fun!

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