Suzuki Charter School Preschool

“A good education contributes to a child’s happiness as well as promising light and hope for the future of mankind”  -Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

Suzuki Charter School PreschoolSuzuki Charter School Preschool offers a fun-filled, active setting for your child’s first formal education experience. Using Dr. Suzuki’s philosophy of learning, Suzuki Preschool helps students build a solid foundation in early literacy, music and French. The school’s vision is to provide a holistic education where every child achieves academic, personal and musical excellence, which is attained through strong relationships among staff, parents and students to create a nurturing learning environment that supports optimal education.

Suzuki Preschool offers a multi-sensory, stimulating environment where students are actively engaged, and have memorable, enriching experiences. Carefully selected toys and activities inspire children to build upon their interests, while learning through play. Each month students explore new themes related to the environment and the world around them.

Suzuki Charter School Preschool

Early literacy, both in English and French, is key to the Suzuki Preschool program. Children are introduced to phonics using the 42 main sounds in the English language, in a teaching approach that has demonstrated excellent results. Also, children will start to learn French during their first week of school, in short classes where French is exclusively spoken and supported through gestures, games and songs. Music is taught with a strong emphasis on the Suzuki Method of repetition and review, which allows students the chance to not only develop and master skills, but to also gain confidence in their learning abilities.

Suzuki Charter School became a public charter school in 1995. It receives public funding and is intended to serve parents who have a commitment to music for their children, and who actively support that commitment. The accomplished teachers at Suzuki Charter School create a warm, supportive, and progressive learning environment that helps children become confident, skilled, lifelong learners.

“Our purpose does not lie in a movement to create professional musicians, but to create persons of a beautiful mind and fine ability. We engage in human education through music so that children will grow with beautiful and high sensitivity, through an unparalleled, uniquely musical approach.” -Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

Suzuki Charter School Preschool:

Where: 10720 – 54 Street, Edmonton
When: Monday & Wednesday Mornings, 8:25 am to 11:00 am
or Tuesday & Thursday Mornings, 8:25 am to 11:00 am
Phone: 780-468-2598

Suzuki Charter School Preschool

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