While HRM certainly has no shortage of beaches, sometimes it is nice to get out of town and create new experiences for ourselves and our families. When it is time for my family to escape the city, we regularly visit a sleepy little town on the northeastern coast of Nova Scotia called New Glasgow. Famous for their “Pictou County Pizza” and sprawling beaches, New Glasgow and the surrounding area is where my family likes to recharge our batteries and get back in touch with mother nature. Often, this means relaxing on one of the countless beaches, listening to the sounds of the ocean and absorbing vitamin D while our 2-year-old buries himself with sand and splashes in the water. One of the more widely known beaches in New Glasgow is Melmerby Beach Provincial Park.

This GORGEOUS 2-km stretch of beach is the go-to for visitors and locals, and though it tends to get pretty busy, you never run the risk of feeling crowded because there is plenty of room for everyone. Located on the on Northumberland straight, it is known for its warm waters, averaging more than 19° Celsius in the summer. The beach is supervised in the months of July and August and offers provincial park features including change houses, flush toilets, salt-rinse showers, picnic tables, a boat launch and abundant parking. The park also offers an accessible coastal viewing opportunity and it is not unusual at low tide to see families out on the wet sand with their shovels and buckets digging for quahogs- a popular pastime for many. Yum!

One of our favourite features of Melmerby Beach ( “The Merb” as the locals affectionally call it), is the shallow water at low tide. This is an added safety feature for smaller children, so parents can truly relax as their kids play in the water, make new friends, and take in one of the best beaches in Nova Scotia.

The long stretches of boardwalk amongst the lush greenery leads you directly to the picturesque beach. During our most recent visit, we were thrilled to see a fairly new addition to the boardwalk, an accessibility extension so that everyone can enjoy what Melmerby Beach Provincial Park has to offer.

With plenty of parking, soft sand, warm water and plenty of space to spread out for the day, “The Merb” is a must if you are ever in this neck of the woods.

Melmerby Beach

Where: 6280–6380 Little Harbour Road, NS
Website: www.novascotia.com/see-do/outdoor-activities/melmerby-beach-provincial-park