Colour Festival
The Halifax Colour Festival – A Vibrant Day Out for the Whole Family!

The exhilaration of dancing while being doused from head to toe in coloured powder is unbeatable. Add a cheerful community of students and young families, plus some activities and games, and you’ve got a  great event for your September calendar. The Halifax Colour Festival is organised by Dalhousie Gujarati Student
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Swimming in HRM
Best Places to Swim in HRM – Parent-Tot Swims, Family Swims, Teen Swims

Ok, so it’s not quite the same as a sunny holiday to a fabulous Southern destination, but we can dream. No, there isn’t a swim-up bar either, but it does get us out of the cold and in a warm pool for some timeless memories with the kids! Here are
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Halifax February Events
Photos, Fonts and Design: Weekend Round Up Covers for Family Fun Halifax – Image Analysis

This is a possible lecture for High School classes:  CMT 11, Design 10/11, Ext 11/12.  Topics: Design choice, font, photography. WHY SPEND TIME CREATING A STRONG IMAGE? At Family Fun Halifax, part of my job is to create engaging feature images that will appeal to the readers, and draw attention to
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Rebel Space
Rebel Space

Sadly, Rebel Space has Closed. Rebel Space Indoor Playground (located in Tantallon) is equipped with slides, vertical climbers, tunnels and more, providing endless fun for high-engergy children ages 3-10. Rebel Space also has a separate toddler area for children under 3 which includes a train table, play castle, wall puzzle and
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Alderney Landing Farmer's Market
Alderney Landing

Alderney Landing is a unique destination and venue for business, arts and entertainment in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.  At Alderney Landing you will find a theatre, market space, restaurants, a library, and of course, our beautiful Ferry Terminal! Alderney Landing Details: Address: 2 Ochterloney Street, Dartmouth Phone: (902) 461-4698 Website: www.alderneylanding.com