Did you know that there is a true-to-scale replica of Maud Lewis’ house, just outside Digby, Nova Scotia? We didn’t until we happened upon it during a trip to Digby this summer. My daughter was delighted to find it; they have been studying Maud Lewis at school. We were so excited to learn more about the life of one of Nova Scotia’s most renowned folk artists, and very pleased to find yet another diversion amongst all the wonderful things to do in the Digby area, including whale watching, camping, staying at the luxurious Digby Pines, and visiting Upper Clements Park. 
Maud Lewis ReplicaWe were impressed with the authenticity of the house and the hard work that obviously went into it. The kids thoroughly enjoyed exploring the single room, complete with stove, bed and painting area- just like the real house, which since 1997 has resided in the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, and which – shamefully!- we haven’t found the time to visit.

Replica Maud Lewis House

It was so strange that I hadn’t read anything about the house before we happened upon it. When we returned home, I did some searching, and the best explanation is offered by fellow blogger Belinda Atwell on her excellent website Annapolis Valley (although sadly, that website seems to have disappeared).  Atwell says the house was built by Murray Ross, a retired fisherman from Seabrook, as a personal project on his own property.

If you’re in the Digby area, you should definitely drop in. Your family will enjoy exploring the little house, so near to where Maud Lewis grew up. The museum is located at 11585 highway 217, about 10 minutes outside of the town of Digby. Don’t forget to leave a donation in the box!