Mills Brothers Christmas Window Display

Photo: The Coast

Do you remember the Christmas window at Mills Brothers – the one with mechanical Snow White and the seven dwarfs? So intricate, so magical, and such a special part of Halifax history! If like us, you have been mourning the loss of the old Mills Brothers Christmas window display on Spring Garden Road, here’s some cool news: The curators at the Museum of Natural History have incorporated the iconic Halifax department store window display into a brand new annual exhibit called Holiday Village! 2019 marks the fifth year of the installation, which will return every year!

Also, back this year, the Museum has a huge LEGO display – more than 100 feet of city, trains, and re-creations of iconic Halifax buildings.

You can read some of the history behind the original window display in this Coast article by Mairin Prentiss. (The photo we have used above is also from this article).  You can also click here to read a piece about the closure of the Mill’s Brothers store.

Mills Brothers Christmas Display

Photo: Herald Archive

Revisit The Mills Brothers Christmas Window Display

When: December 14th, 2019 – January 12th, 2020
Where: Museum of Natural History
Address: 1747 Summer Street, Halifax
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