This weekend was really excited for us. We hopped aboard the Punch Buggy Express in Saskatoon – Powered By Kids. We were so excited to try it for the first time. After our experience, I know we’ll be back again this summer. This is something downtown Saskatoon did not know it needed. We did! They offer round-trip rides from one stop to another, and best of all, your kids help with pedalling! Claire, our cycle guide, talked through the trip with the kids. She pointed out areas on the path and let them ring the bell as we went. My son and his friend had a blast and if I were being completely honest, I’d tell you that the moms also had a blast! The five of us worked to power the Punch Buggy and we had a wonderful afternoon. (Check out the Instagram Giveaway we have at the end of the article!)

Enjoying the view.

We met at the Kiwanis Memorial Fountain below the skating rink. While we chatted with Claire, it was fun to watch the reactions of people walking by. The path is full of families, joggers, walkers and friends! The Punch Buggy is something completely new to everybody. I’m pretty sure everybody wanted to try it out. My son learned that he had a very important job. He needed to make sure he waved at people we rode by and give them big smiles. He and his friend did a great job!

Waving at the people in the Prairie Lily.

As we started the ride, we were able to wave at many people and enjoyed seeing everybody out and about. We pedalled up hills and down hills and enjoyed the beautiful city we live in. The river is always beautiful and it’s even more fun to watch as we ride the Punch Buggy. We pedalled past River Landing, then did a loop and stopped at River Landing and walked over to The Shoppe for a snack.

Dragons Breath

We stopped to take a couple of photos in the Shoppe because it’s made for photos and eating!

Swings in The Shoppe

We didn’t stay for long though because all my son wanted to do was get back on the Punch Buggy Express. He loved pedalling and riding it. He saw the spray pad and had no interest. He just wanted to ride and wave.

All Aboard the Punch Buggy Express

We arrived back at the Kiwanis Memorial Fountain after a wonderful ride back. We absolutely loved our experience. It was such a great day and we had the best time. We can’t wait to take more rides this summer.

Do you want to hop aboard the Punch Buggy Express? It’s easy! Just book your ride here!

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