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Saskatoon River Walk
Saskatoon River Walks – Good for the soul and the kids!

My son and I are always up for river walks in Saskatoon. We needed to get out of the house the other day but didn’t have any specific plans. I decided to check out the river. There are so many different spots in Saskatoon to enjoy the river. We decided
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12-40 And Beyond Self Guided Tour
12-40 And Beyond – A Self-Guided Tour of Rural Artisans

We had a small adventure on Sunday, doing the 12-40 and Beyond Self-guided Tour. It is an annual event that takes place over a July weekend. We were happy we got to check it out, and look forward to other years. This year was smaller than usual, but I’m sure
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Little People's Preschool
Do the Math! At Little People’s Preschool Play + Exploration = Learning

At Little People’s Preschool, the math is simple… Play + Exploration = Learning Fun! All three Saskatoon locations are non-cooperative and staffed by certified early childhood educators trained in the Play and Exploration Program. For your preschooler, this means a preschool experience where children are free to learn and grow
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Picking Saskatoons at Rhodes' Rasberry and Black Currents
Picking Saskatoons at Rhodes’ Raspberries and Black Currents

Picking Saskatoons at Rhodes’ Raspberries and Black Currents is an amazing experience. Two years ago, a friend asked if my son and I wanted to join her and her kids to pick up raspberries. I wasn’t sure how my son would do. He ended up being amazing and so was
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Meewasin Park
Meewasin Park – Trails, beach, picnics and more!

We were lucky enough to get some photos taken at Meewasin Park at the end of June. I was so happy when it was suggested as our location because it’s one of our favourite spots to visit. It’s got everything. You can find trails, a beach, a playground, and spots
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Discovering Wanuskewin Heritage Park
Discovering Wanuskewin Heritage Park – Fun and Exploring for all Ages!

My son and I love discovering Wanuskewin Heritage Park. There are a lot of reasons to love Wanuskewin. Wanuskewin has a proud history between the relationship with the land and the First Nations people. While there, you will always learn something new through Cultural Programs, Tours, Dance Performances and Workshops.
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beat the heat in Saskatoon
Beat the Heat in Saskatoon

It’s been a very HOT first week of July in Saskatoon and instead of moving into our fridge for a cool down, we’ve been finding ways to beat the heat and be cool as a cucumber. Hopefully, we won’t have any more heatwaves in Saskatoon but just in case we’ve
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Llama Walk at Aspen Ridge Llamas
Llama Walk at Aspen Ridge Llamas

On Monday, my son and I took a two-hour drive to do a Llama Walk at Aspen Ridge Llamas. We took a lot of water for the first day of the heatwave and spent our afternoon with the Llamas. Aspen Ridge Llamas is on the other side of Prince Albert,
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the prairie lily in saskatoon
An Evening Aboard the Prairie Lily in Saskatoon

As a start to summer and as a celebration, I took my kiddo on a surprise evening cruise aboard the Prairie Lily – located right here in Saskatoon. School ended on Thursday, and I wanted to do something amazing to celebrate us making it through my son’s first year in
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inexpensive things to do in Saskatoon
Inexpensive Things to Do in Saskatoon for Summer 2021!

School is over and summer is here! We’ve got a list of inexpensive things to do in Saskatoon during this hot season! 2021 can be a great one with adventures every day! You won’t have to break the bank with these ideas! Inexpensive Things to Do in Saskatoon This Summer
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