My son and I love discovering Wanuskewin Heritage Park. There are a lot of reasons to love Wanuskewin. Wanuskewin has a proud history between the relationship with the land and the First Nations people. While there, you will always learn something new through Cultural Programs, Tours, Dance Performances and Workshops. The trails are breathtaking, and of course, the kids LOVE the playground.

The Wanuskewin Summer Programming makes a day trip perfect! You can hike the trails, check out the programs, and explore the galleries. We made sure to arrive before the 2 pm dance performance and then went exploring after that.

wanuskewin heritage park dance performance

Posing with the beautiful performers.

discovering wanuskewin heritage park

Madison was performing in a Jingle Dress while her dad sang and played the drums for her.

They have different dance performances daily at 2, and we are going to make it our goal to see as many as we can. It’s amazing watching the dances. My son loves it, and he loved the Jingle Dress! We love that we can sit outside and watch them perform. The dancers always make time after the performance to take photos and speak to the audience.

discovering Wanuskewin Trails Wanuskewin Heritage Park

Wanuskewin Heritage Park has trails for every skill level! They even have trails you can take with a stroller (not all of them, but you can find out which ones will work!) They have maps you can grab, and directions on the trails. They have signs with information about each spot as well. It’s such a beautiful area and the perfect place for the kids to run off their energy.

discovering wanuskewin heritage park

The trail we picked this time (we let the kids choose the route) brought us out to the playground. It felt like they planned it! This playground is new and amazing. They have a big slide, places to climb, swings, and places for the moms to sit while waiting for the kids.

discovering wanuskewin heritage park

Wanuskewin has a restaurant and gift shop. We went back inside to walk around the exhibits and grab a snack from the gift shop. The kids loved wandering and discovering. There are so many things to learn and see.

discovering Wanuskewin Heritage Park

Our last stop of the day (after the snacks), was to walk to see the bison. This was my first time walking down to see them, and it was pretty cool. They were farther away, but we still got to see where they live. We also got a closer view as we left the park.

Discovering Wanuskewin Heritage Park

My son and his friend watching the bison.

We had such a nice time, and I’m already planning our next trip out! We have to take advantage of our summer and visiting Wanuskewin is a wonderful way to do it. This park is home to over 6000 years of history, and I’m grateful we get to spend time there to learn and explore. We just purchased a season’s pass because I know we will make great use of it.

Discovering Wanuskewin Heritage Park

Location: RR #4 Penner Road (five minutes out of Saskatoon)