Check out all the fun you can do this Easter with your family! Make an egg hunt around the house and yard, decorate the house and make fun crafts together. Holidays are a natural invitation for play and connection – full of creative inspiration. We’ve rounded up some great family-friendly Easter crafts and activities to get the egg rolling for the holidays!

Egg Decorating

There are so many different methods to decorate eggs. My son and I have tried many from nail polish to whipped cream (or shaving cream) to the rice method and of course the traditional dye method.

The Rice Method

We tossed some rice and food colouring in a bag and carefully shook up an egg. It turned out well and it was relatively mess-free!

Crayons and dye

We designed our eggs with crayons and then coloured them with the dye. This was fun for everyone from the talented egg creators to the ones that stuck to polka dots (me).

Alternative Egg Decorating

Ditch the real eggs and try out one of these inexpensive alternative egg decorating ideas!

Cardboard Cutout Eggs – use up all those shipping boxes sitting in the recycling! Make an egg-shaped template to cut out and have fun decorating it with paint, washi tape and glitter.

Salt Dough Eggs – salt dough can be made with simple ingredients at home and baked into egg shapes, perfect for painting and decorating.

Sun Catcher Eggs – make some colourful faux stained glass eggs to brighten your windows with simple supplies.

Egg Potato Stamps – grab a couple of potatoes from the pantry to make these easy and fun egg stampers to make a colourful Easter picture.

Printable Easter Eggs – these adorable templates are ready to print, colour and use as stand up decoration when you’re finished!

Painted Rock Eggs – if you live somewhere where larger rocks are easy to find, paint them to look like decorated eggs.

Kindness Rocks

Every year, we do some rock painting to spread kindness around our yard and the community. Easter always seems like a great time to do this because we have the extra crafting time and USUALLY the snow is melting so we can display them.

Simple Crafts

No one wants to hunt down a bunch of craft supplies or clean up after a messy craft has gone sideways. These are all low-mess crafts using simple supplies you likely already have at home!

Paper Roll Chicks – make these little cuties using discarded toilet paper rolls, pipe cleaners, and paint.

Paper Plate Bunny – a cotton ball bunny craft that would be great for little hands.

Adorable Mini Bunnies – using wooden beads and pipe cleaners, make a whole family of little bunnies.

Chick Fork Painting – no paintbrush required, use a plastic fork to paint a cheery chirping chick.

No-Sew Sock Bunny – use up those socks that have lost their match to create these rice-filled creatures to play with.

Paper Roll Bunny Stamps – another toilet paper roll repurposing craft to make a cute little picture to hang.

Games & Activities

Have a little fun together and try one of these simple Easter games or activities. You can also go on a Pinterest hunt and find some creative holiday treats to make in the kitchen . . . and enjoy a little snack afterward!

Printable Easter I Spy – a great quiet activity to engage their mind as they hunt for the hidden easter items.

Scavenger Hunt – print off these clues to plan an easy little hunt for your kids that leads to an Easter surprise.

Easter Egg Bingo – use those leftover plastic eggs to play this simple matching bingo game.

Fizzy Eggs Science – baking soda and vinegar make this a fun and teachable moment. Extend the play by turning it into a soapy activity bin after!

Easter Party Games – free printables for some cute interactive family games including Easter Pictionary.

DIY Easter Egg Hunts At Home for Families this Easter – Don’t forget to check out our DIY Easter Egg Hunts!

Have a fun Easter with your families!

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