We spent a day experiencing Bluegrass at the Barn! We were so excited to go to the second annual Bluegrass at the Barn on June 11th. My son and I were both very happy to be able to go to an outdoor festival. We went to the festival not knowing a lot about bluegrass but we came out with a love for live bluegrass music and plans to make it an annual visit to Bluegrass at the Barn. It was a daytime event, from 1 pm to 7 pm, so my son had all day to party with me and we got home just in time for bed.

Having a blast at Bluegrass at the Barn.

Bluegrass at the Barn was brought to us by The Northern Lights Bluegrass and Old Tyme Music Society. They teach, promote and encourage the education, preservation, appreciation, understanding and performance of traditional instrumental and vocal music in Saskatchewan.  They bring us music festivals, jams and camps.

The music festival was held at The Barn Playhouse. It was a great location! There was plenty of room to sit and watch the music, wander around and explore, buy some food at the concession, and of course play with the kids.

Set up for rain and shine.

We were VERY happy to join our very prepared friends. The weather was a little bit rainy but we were protected! They had a tent, umbrellas, toys and more. Of course, best of all, we set up close to the kid’s area.

Children’s Area

The Children’s area was sponsored by the Nutrien Children’s Festival of Saskatchewan. It kept the kids busy all day. My son was shy when he first got there but quickly joined the fun. It was hard getting him to check out the rest of the festival. They also had volunteers making sure everything was okay. The kids made trains, a salon, a track for balls and more. They built towers and houses. The kids played together and cooperated and every once in a while took a food or dance break.

Listening to the music.

A few times, I was able to convince the kiddo to leave the amazing play area to go for a walk around the area and take a seat up front to listen to the music. Every band was different and he was full of questions about the amazing instruments they were playing. We heard music from The Local Group, Hummingbird Crossing, Marshall Burns and more. Although I didn’t know a lot about bluegrass music coming in, I really enjoyed watching them play. It was wonderful to see the love and passion the groups had for the music as well as the audience. The music could be heard from all over the area and it was nice to be able to listen from any spot. My son doesn’t love sitting still so we were happy we could go for walks while still enjoying the music.

Fun while listening to the music.

We had a great time playing, dancing, watching, eating and enjoying the day. This is annual so it’ll be back at The Barn in a year. They also have an annual Bluegrass Festival in Regina. If you want some bluegrass in your life a little sooner, they have a festival coming up at the Ness Creek Site in August!

Thanks so much to Northern Lights Bluegrass and Old Tyme for inviting us to your amazing festival.