My son had the day off school on Friday so we decided to head to Saskatoon’s Clubhouse at Cineplex Cinemas at the Centre. We haven’t been to a movie since 2019 so it was a pretty big day for both of us. I’d heard about a theatre in town that has a slide in the actual theatre. I asked around to find out where it was. My kiddo was very excited when I told him I had tickets purchased for a movie with a slide in the theatre and we could have popcorn! He couldn’t wait. Cineplex Cinemas is located on 8th Street at the Centre Mall. The theatre has definitely changed since I was last there. I felt like it was my first time going to a movie. It was exciting for both of us. We got there early because they have the slide area open for 40 minutes before the movie starts. It closes right before the movie starts. My little one was excited before he even made it into the theatre to watch the movie. He saw all the games he could play after we gave them our tickets.

Saskatoon's Clubhouse at Cineplex Cinemas

Games at Cineplex – Photo by Erin McCrea

Saskatoon's Clubhouse at Cineplex Cinemas

Games – Photo by Erin McCrea


















While trying to let my son try a game, I discovered I have no idea how they work anymore. I had to get a card to use and then I still had to ask for help because I had no idea where to use it. Hopefully next time, I’ll be prepared with all the game-playing knowledge. My kiddo tried one arcade game and chose the motorbike. He was a little small for it but we made it work.

The Clubhouse Seats

When we arrived at the theatre and found our seats. I love that you can prebook your tickets and seats ahead of time. We were able to put all our things down and have a few bites of popcorn before my son ran off to play. I love the setup of the Clubhouse. I could sit in my seat while keeping an eye on my little one playing. The slide area has a lot of climbing and goes up really high. My son stuck to the first couple of layers, but I’m sure he’ll continue getting higher up every time we visit.

Saskatoon's Clubhouse at Cineplex Cinemas

Mommy and Son Date – Photo by Erin McCrea

They had a climbing wall plus the slide area. The area with the slide was big enough for all the kids that love to climb and slide.  We’ve never been to a theatre with a play area but I think it’s brilliant. It tired my son out just a little bit before the movie so he could sit through it.

We needed all the food. Photo by Erin McCrea.

From the arcade game to the climbing, tunnels and slides, to the movie food, my son was so excited! The movie was just an added benefit of the day. We watched Ron’s Gone Wrong. They have one movie a week in The Clubhouse. He thought the movie was pretty funny and sat through the entire thing. We loved the entire experience.

Saskatoon's Clubhouse at Cineplex Cinemas

Comfy Movie Watcher – Photo by Erin McCrea

We had such a wonderful time and I think we will try to have monthly movie dates. It was a great experience and both of us had a lot of fun together on our Mommy and son date.

Saskatoon’s Clubhouse at Cineplex Cinemas