With thousands of years of fascinating history behind us, there’s no better place to explore the past than in Saskatchewan! From the rich experiences of indigenous peoples to the bloody battles of 1885, there’s something to discover for every budding history buff in Saskatoon! That’s why we’ve compiled this cool list of:

5 Historical Daytrips from Saskatoon

1/ Wanuskewin Heritage Park

Travel back in time for upwards of 5000 years at Wanuskewin Heritage Park! Vast prairie landscapes, buffalo jumps, and the South Saskatchewan River spark the imagination, taking visitors back to a time when Northern Plains peoples hunted great beasts and gathered the sparse offerings of the unforgiving landscape. History buffs will revel in wonders of the site’s archaeological findings from tipi rings to stone cairns to pottery fragments and the famed medicine wheel.

2/ Fort Carlton Provincial Park

It’s all about the fur trade at Fort Carlton. This former Hudson’s Bay Company fur-trading post has many reconstructed buildings and interpretive staff full of tales of Henry Kelsey and how his business dealings with indigenous peoples would forever change the historical landscape of the country. Let yourself be taken back to a time of new settlements, new relationships, and, of course, ‘hairy’ business.

3/ Fort Battleford National Historic Site

Take a self-guided tour of five original NWMP buildings, and explore the complex historical web of the North-West Mounted Police (NWMP), First Nations people, settlers and Métis people in the events leading up to the 1885 Rebellion. Uncover the secrets of Fort Battleford through tales of settlers, weaponry displays, and whispers of a siege that never was…

4/ Batoche National Historic Site

The culture and roots of the Metis live on at Batoche National Historic Site. It was here that, in 1885, the North West Mounted Police battled Metis leader, Louis Riel, and his troops at the Northwest Resistance.  Explore this pivotal and controversial time in history with through historical attractions, knowledgeable staff, or a self-guided tour.

5/ The Western Development Museum in North Battleford

Cousin to Saskatoon’s own WDM, which pays homage to a 1910 Boomtown in Saskatchewan, the Western Development Museum in North Battleford explores the history of Saskatchewan farms and rural life. Explore the evolution of transportation from horse-drawn carriages to mechanized vehicles or experience the “Winning the Prairie Gamble” Exhibit which celebrates the trials and successes of Saskatchewan’s first 100 years as a province.

Happy trails, history buffs! What is your favourite historical site in Saskatchewan?