Do the Math! At Little People’s Preschool Play + Exploration = Learning


Little People's PreschoolAt Little People’s Preschool, the math is simple… Play + Exploration = Learning Fun! All three Saskatoon locations are non-cooperative and staffed by certified early childhood educators trained in the Play and Exploration Program. For your preschooler, this means a preschool experience where children are free to learn and grow through hands-on experiences carefully chosen to aid in the development of the social and educational skills that will make transition into Kindergarten a breeze! 2019/2020 registration is NOW OPEN, and if you’re wondering why choose Little People’s, let’s look at the math

Flexibility is the common denominator

Little People’s Preschool offers a flexible U-pick program. Parents choose how many and which days work for their busy schedules. They can also choose from THREE GREAT locations at Ecole Sister O’Brien, Ecole St. Paul and St. Angela School.

There is a probability of French Language Learning

The Ecole St Paul and Ecole Sister O’Brien locations offer an introduction to French. Little ones interested in enhancing their French skills or preparing for entry into a French Immersion Kindergarten will love this opportunity to try on a few common French expressions.

Little People's PreschoolLearning is directly proportional to FUN

Whatever location and program you choose, Little People’s play and exploration-centred programming promises one thing… the more you play, the more you’ll learn! Kids will love engaging in a supportive learning environment designed to meet them where they’re at, and parents will love hearing all about it!

…at a fraction of the cost!

The U-pick program starts at just $65.00 per month for a one-day program and with each additional day added, the cost per day comes down. Tuition subsidy is available through the Saskatoon Preschool Foundation at

Little People's PreschoolRegister at Little People’s Preschool Today

When: September 2019 thru June 2020
Locations: Ecole Sister O’Brien, 451 Silverwood Road
Ecole St. Paul, 1527 Alexandra Ave.
St. Angela School, 302 Russell Rd.
Contact: Director, Theresa Shepperd
Phone: 306.292.7299
For more information:

Although we do our best to provide you with accurate information, all event details are subject to change. Please contact the facility to avoid disappointment.

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