Fancy a dip in a pool that is just the right depth for your little one? Paddling Pools in Saskatoon are an opportunity to take a cooling plunge for FREE in a pool with a comfortable depth for little swimmers! Paddling pools are staffed by summer students who not only ensure the cleanliness of the pool, but actively engage paddlers in games, crafts, and outdoor activities! With dozens of locations around the city, visit a paddling pool near you!

Adelaide Park: Adelaide Park, 10 Mackenzie Crescent
Avalon: John Lake Park, 2602 Broadway Avenue
Brevoort Park: Brevoort Park North, 3 Webb Crescent
Buena Vista: Buena Vista Park, 310 7th Street East
Caswell Hill: Ashworth Holmes Park, 415 31st Street West
College Park: Dr. Gerhard Herzberg Park, 131 Campion Crescent
Confederation Park: Parc Canada, 24 Pearson Place
East College Park: Sidney L. Buckwold Park, 4215 DeGeer Street
Eastview: James Anderson Park, 1140 East Centre
Fairhaven: Herbert S. Sears Park, 495 Forrester Road
Greystone Heights: Greystone Park, 2711 Main Street
Holiday Park: Boughton Park, 1320 Ave P South
King George: St. Andrew Park, 831 Ave M South
Lakeview: Lakeview Park, 203 Whiteshore Cres
Lawson Heights: Rochdale Park, 748 Redberry Road
Massey Place: Archibald MacDonald Park, 3110 Massey Place
Meadowgreen: Meadowgreen Park, 2507 18th Street West
Montgomery Place: Montgomery Park, 3229 Caen Street
Mount Royal: Mount Royal Park, 433 Ave T North
North Park: North Park, 1416 7th Ave North
Nutana: Albert Park, 506 Clarence Ave South
Pacific Heights: Pacific Park, 3640 Centennial Drive
Queen Elizabeth: W.W. Ashley Park, 1806 Albert Avenue
Riversdale: Optimist Park 413 Ave J South
Silverwood Heights: W.J.L. Harvey Park, 302 Russell Road
South Nutana: Harold Tatler South Park, 2520 Jarvis Drive
Sutherland: Sutherland Park, 120 113th Street
Westmount: Westmount Park, 310 Ave L North
Westview: Dr. Seager Wheeler Park, 2230 Richardson Road
Wildwood: Wildwood Park, 203 Rosedale Road

Paddling Pools in Saskatoon 2021

When: July – August, 2023
Where: Locations throughout Saskatoon.