Sound of Music Review

Jill-Christine Wiley as Maria Rainer. Photo by Matthew Murphy

How do you solve a problem like Maria? Cast her perfectly and the rest is gravy evidently! Tuesday’s performance of the Sound of Music by Broadway Across Canada was a masterpiece that left TCU’s audience with a heart full of emotion and head full of song! Jill-Christine Wiley’s portrayal of the beloved Maria Rainer was spot on! Her warmth, stage presence, and melodic voice drew show-goers into this beloved tale that left many in tears as the curtains drew to a close.

Sound of music Review

Jill-Christine Wiley as Maria Rainer and the von Trapp children. Photo by Matthew Murphy

Performing such a well-known and well-loved score can be a challenging task, but Wiley, the powerful Lauren Kidwell (Mother Abbess), the gallant Mike McLean (Captain Georg Von Trapp), and the adorably competent crew of children were up to the task. They expertly delivered an emotional performance of some of show’s most heart-warming scenes while keeping the audience on their toes with small but significant deviations from the well-known dialogue, plot, and score. Perhaps the most pleasant surprise of the night was the sassy and comedic performance by duo Jake Mills (Max Detweiler) and Melissa McKamie (Elsa Schraeder) which drew laughter and applause on more than one occasion.

Sound of Music Review

Lauren Kidwell as The Mother Abbess and Jill-Christine Wiley as Maria Rainer. Photo by Matthew Murphy

The success of a production of this beloved tale relies heavily on delivering a believable chemistry between Maria and the Von Trapp children and Maria and Georg. Casting nailed this chemistry on both accounts. The production also developed a touching mentorship between the Mother Abbess and Maria giving further depth to these characters. The result for those lucky enough to get a ticket to this sold-out show was one of downright emotional and musical satisfaction!

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