We recently took a drive out of the city to see Wander’s Tiny Farm. It’s hard to believe summer is almost over. My son is starting Kindergarten next week so we’ve decided to try and do ALL THE THINGS. I’ve seen posts on facebook about this farm and I was really looking forward to visiting. It’s only been open for a few weeks and it is amazing. My son has really been into farms lately – he loves farm animals. He finds something new to love every time we go to one. Wander’s Tiny Farm has a farmers’ market and a lovely area to walk around, visit with animals, have some playtime, or sit down with family at the tables and benches. They also have a combine for the kids to sit in! My son and his friend loved every single part of our visit.

Wander's Tiny Farm

The kids started the visit at the rabbits and ended the visit by feeding the rabbits lettuce. They were a hit with all the children. By the time we left, there was a row of very excited kids feeding the bunnies. Visiting farms with my son is interesting. I always want him to explore and see everything there is because I know he’ll love it. However, he wants to stay in one place the whole time, and it’s hard to get him to move on and discover anything else. He would have been happy to stay with the rabbits all day.

Wander's Little Farm

My son’s friend saw a sign that said we could feed the new calf some milk. (This is the only thing that would have cost us money other than the items in the Farmers’ Market, and it was only $2.50.) They were so excited to share the feeding duty. The calf is new to the farm and a hit with the kids. My son went straight back to the rabbits though.

Our next stop was to visit some goats. There was also a beautiful dog with them. The goats were a little shy, but they made an appearance toward the end of our visit. We didn’t see the pigs, but they were hanging around as well. It will be something to see the next time we visit. The farm also has a pen specifically for chickens that will be donated to food banks in Colonsay, Bradwell and Allan.

Wander's Tiny Farm

















We walked around the trail to a beautiful building with games inside. They had kid’s games as well as signs with information about farming. It was a nice surprise. It had places to sit and take a break while the kids played – or to play with the kids.

Wander's Tiny Farm









Our next stop was the outside play area. They had everything. Hay bale bulls, diggers, a sandbox with a lot of toys, and of course, a combine to get into. It was so much fun for all ages. It was another section of this wonderful farm that was impossible to get my little one to move on from. The only way we could get him to continue on was with the promise to go talk to the bunnies again. We could have spent all day on the farm, and the kids had so much fun even though the weather wasn’t as great as we were used to. It actually made it better to have the rain in the air.

The owner of Wander’s Little Farm came to visit and talk to us as soon as we got there. He told us how, as a child in Holland, all he wanted to do was raise pigs. He ended up in Saskatchewan as an exchange student, and the rest is history. (He’s got a great story so if you visit make sure to ask him about how he’s worked toward his dream.) He is now following his dream with this farm. We went on a rainy day, and there were quite a few visitors. It was lovely seeing all the families enjoying this area.

Wander's Tiny Farm

I’m talking about how much the kids liked the farm, but I loved it just as much as them. My sister was with us and she had a blast as well. I stopped in the market at the end and grabbed some fresh eggs and sunflowers. It was so much fun and I can’t wait to visit again. The kids talked the entire way home about what they enjoyed the most. The bunnies were the winner. I loved everything. The farm plan is thought out so well, and it’s so fun walking around the path and discovering all the animals and fun.

Wander’s Little Farm

Hours: Summer/Fall Hours: Saturdays and Sunday 10 am to 5 pm Winter Hours: Sundays 11 am to 5
Location: 25 minutes east of Saskatoon. Take highway 5 towards Humboldt. Go south on range road 3021 (that is directly past Mourning Glory Crematorium). There is a sign at the corner where you turn. Go south for two miles, east for one mile and south for one mile again. There is a sign on every corner. They are the second farm on the left just after the hill. The entrance is at the two flags.