ArtStarts ExploresCome explore! This fun, free drop-in program invites all families to investigate and discover the world around them through observing, touching, drawing, moving, getting messy, and listening to inspire creative learning. Every week, ArtStarts will turn everyday ideas upside-down to ignite our creativity! Please come dressed to get messy.

ArtStarts ExploresYou cannot make a mistake at Explores because mistakes don’t exist here! Everything is part of the process! Even if you feel like you messed up or something didn’t turn out the way you wanted it, see how you can incorporate that into your experience!

ArtStarts ExploresYou will not take anything home with you! At ArtStarts you will take home your memories and experiences and new things you learned but you wont take home an object or an art piece. Because everything is part of the process, we focus on the experience rather than the final result. In fact, sometimes we may ask you to rip up your work at the end of the session and leave it here!

Respect! Respect yourself, respect the other folks in the space! You will be making art with a lot of new people and we want to make sure we are respectful of the folks around us. Some ways you can show respect are asking people before touching them and not touching them if they say no, waiting your turn to participate in an activity, helping folks around you, and paying attention to your own body and what you need to participate!

ArtStarts Explores:

When: Saturdays (except the last Saturday of every month), 2019
Time: 11am – 12pm
Where: ArtStarts in Schools
Address: 808 Richards St, Vancouver