You know you have found a good playground when your kids don’t want to leave despite a downpour of epic proportions. I can only imagine how popular the playground at Coquitlam’s Blue Mountain Park┬áis during the sunny days.

I love playgrounds that involve a bit of physical risk-taking and oodles of heart-pumping activity. I look to a playground to tire out my kids. Sure slides are fun, but I give thumbs up to playgrounds that make kids do more than climb an easy set of stairs to slide down again. At the end of a good playground session, I want my kids happy, exhausted, panting, and full of fresh air. In our house, this means bedtime will be easy and quick. Yippee!

Blue Mountain Playground delivered! At first, my 4 & 6-year-olds hung out on the platter swing. Then my eldest spotted the 2 life-size horses. As the playground was slick with rain, he did need a boost to get up there. The little one took off for the slides and pseudo-traditional playground.

The best part of the climbing structure was the roller slide. It was so cool I had to give it a try despite the inevitable sopping pants at the end of it. When the kids decided to go down face first, it looked as though they were on a conveyor belt at the grocery store. Hilarious!

Track pants + water + slide = launching kids. My two thought it was endlessly funny to hurtle down the twisty slide. They nearly got air at the end and collapsed into gales of laughter.

We had great fun on the rope climbing the jungle gym. Kids are encouraged to use their bodies and creativity to work their way through a myriad of rope-contraptions. All the muscles in their bodies got a great workout scrambling through the ropes.

Two sections we didn’t check out but look forward to exploring on a sunny day: the spray park and the kids-only roadway. Bring your scooter, bike or blades and practice the rules of the road on a miniature scale.

Blue Mountain Park is located at 975 King Albert Road in Coquitlam.