Kidtropolis is all about imagination! Your child will love pretending to be a firefighter, police officer, restaurant owner, pilot & more. The miniaturized city provides a unique and realistic learning environment.

The wide open, high-ceiling facility was designed with kids in mind. The 4 owners, all parents of young kids, wanted a new play environment for children. Technology has no place at Kidtropolis…a creative and imaginative mind is the only device the kids need.

Airplane at Kidtropolis in RichmondDuring our entire, lengthy, visit I heard nothing but giggling kids. It is a unique – and noticeable – experience to be at a children’s play facility and not hear at least one crying child. There are so many buildings to visit, worlds to explore, and costumes to wear, that kids don’t have to share, don’t have to wait their turn…they can just get down to the business of playing.

Still confused about what Kidtropolis actually is? It isn’t surprising…nothing like this exists in Canada! If you’ve been to a children’s museum in the States are may have a bit of an idea. Kidtropolis is a miniaturized world filled with push toys, costumes, and more than a dozen little buildings. Kids are encouraged to create scenarios, tell stories, climb up on stage and just have fun!

Animal Hospital at Kidtropolis in RichmondThe facility is immaculate. The friendly staff are constantly circulating tidying up after the tiny mess-makers. (The scattered toys in the picture above are entirely my family’s fault. I shooed them out so I could take a picture.) While food isn’t allowed in the play space, there is an ample-sized cafe with other healthy and fun-food offerings. Outside food is not permitted at Kidtropolis (however, if your child has a severe allergy, please give the folks at Kidtropolis a call and they will do their best to accommodate you).

Have a kids’ birthday coming up? Kidtropolis has NINE party rooms. From small groups of 8 to full school classes of 30, the wonderful kid-centric folks at Kidtropolis can accommodate your needs.

Still need convincing…Just have a look at the Kidtroplis¬†photo gallery. Your child will have so much fun!


When: Tuesdays – Sundays (closed Mondays)
Time: 10am – 5pm
Address: Unit 110 – 5940 No. 2 Road, Richmond