6Pack Indoor BeachLet’s be honest, finding a massive amount of sand inside a warehouse is rather odd. But I have to hand it to the folks at 6Pack Beach…they’ve figured out that kids love to dig in the sand and have set up a venue that lets the little ones dig year round.

Apart from the entrance and a small cafe, the entire warehouse is walk-to-wall sand…almost the entire 18,000 sqft! Distinct zones have been set up to allow kids of all ages to enjoy the indoor beach. The littlest ones have a great time in the digging section. You don’t need to bring your own toys, 6Pack Beach has buckets, diggers, and shovels a plenty. I had a good laugh at the dad burying the lower half of his kids in sand…brilliant way to keep the kids contained.

6pack Indoor Beach Centre, RichmondSlightly older kids exhausted themselves on the massive pirate bouncy castle. The school aged kids seemed to thoroughly enjoy both the beach volleyball and dodgeball zones. My 2 boys spent a lot of time there. Drop ins, court rentals, leagues, tournaments, corporate events, BBQs, and much more are available to the general public. 6Pack also features kids or teen birthday parties with lots of activities to choose from: beach ball, beach volleyball, soccer, ping pong, frisbee, sand castle building, parachute, tug-o-war and a variety of games!

I would recommend 6Pack Beach for kids age 10 and under. The 5 and under crowd seemed particularly thrilled with the indoor beach. You can find the admission rates on the 6Pack Beach website.

6Pack Indoor Beach:

When: 7 days a week
Time: 10am – 1am
Address: 115 13180 Mitchell Road, Richmond