Learning, exploration, and discovery — it’s human nature! Technology is a huge part of our world and as many kids are naturally drawn to it, it’s important to give kids opportunities for personal, hands-on learning in computer science, robotics and computer programming. Channel the passion for screens into real-world skills! Cloverdale Robotics has summer camps designed to challenge kids and help prepare them for the future, while they’re having a great time!

Cloverdale Robotics Learning Inc. (CRL) is part of the Cloverdale Robotics Umbrella and provides a robotics education to school-age kids at numerous locations in Surrey and the area. They have a well-developed curriculum that uses the right parts for real-world products. All their instructors are either experienced in the industry or are students in computer science or mechatronics at leading institutions in BC and they offer a planned, multi-year curriculum, giving school-age kids an edge in our technological world.

But Cloverdale Robotics also offers summer camps to help kids ages 6 to 17 become quickly familiarized with robotics and coding. With a variety of convenient locations, it’s also great for parents! Find morning and afternoon camps, or combine them for a full day. (Be sure to send a lunch, as lunch is not provided.)

What camp will your kids choose?

Junior Robotics Programming (ages 6 – 8)
Cultivate curiosity for tech and create excitement! “Level 0 programmers” will have a blast learning computer science fundamentals. The program is fully play-oriented and no previous programming or tablet/computer experience is required. The students will do basic coding and see the robots working based on their code as they take part in stories and complete robotic missions. They will interact, and control industry-leading educational robots, Dash, Dot, Cody and Rocky that are provided.

Junior Robotics Build (ages 6 – 8)
Each day students will build a new robot from the ground up with a snap-on kit, like a robot car, snake robot, or pet robot. Groups of two are given a robot kit and tablet to build the day’s robot. Once complete, the students will control it via an application and do fun activities that involve the robots playing robot soccer, red light green light, and freeze tag. The robot will act like a remote control car and kids will be able to control it via tab to take part in various fun activities, including dancing, walking, and driving.

Digital Arts (ages 6 – 8)
Let’s take our art classes to the 21st century with digital tools! Try tasks like applying animation to bloom the flower and projects like creating digital greeting cards. Kids can create wall art for decorating their own rooms, they can create their own digital music, and they can create flyers and posters. It’s a fun-filled class to expose their artistic talents to the possibilities of the digital world!

Virtual Reality Expeditions (ages 6 – 8)
This is a fun camp that gets young kids exposed to the wonders of the world with virtual reality. Activities include visiting earth ecosystems, space shuttle discovery, and exploring world cultures like the Egyptians and Romans. Age-appropriate content is carefully selected by the instructors, who also narrate and quiz the students on their learning. The camps also include regular non-screen times and board games to ensure students are not using headsets for long periods of time.

Scratch Programming (ages 6 – 8)
Inspire 6-to-8-year old students with the possibilities of programming! The student will use a drag & drop, block-based programming language. This course will start from the very basics, so no previous programming or tablet/computer experience is required. This program is creativity and fun-focused. Students will have a blast using computer science fundamentals to create their own stories and artwork.

Robot Programming (ages 9 – 13)
Robotics fundamentals for middle schoolers! Students will learn to build and code robots using a block-based programming language. Teaching is done from the very basics, so no previous programming experience is required. Students will learn robotics concepts like motor control and using sensors. Various joint motors, grippers, wheels, distance sensors, touch sensors and motion sensors will be used. The classes will progress from simple tasks like reacting to touch/motion sensors to complex projects like navigating obstacles while picking up objects.

Robot Race (ages 9 – 13)
Who is the robot racing champ this summer? This is robot racing – and the best programmer takes the cake! On day one, kids start learning a bit of drag and drop coding from the instructor, proceeding with the mechanics and electronics of coding as they toy with the basic moves. By the middle of the week, they are programming to race the robots and putting all they learned to practice, maneuvering the track. Towards the end, they practice and compete racing their robot with their self-written code.

Virtual Reality Science and Programming (ages 9 – 13)
Open up the possibilities of virtual reality for your kid’s learning! In this camp, students explore this new way to learn by browsing interesting and fun science and technology topics guided by the instructors, like human anatomy, viruses, photosynthesis, electromagnetism, and atoms. Most of the topics are from their school curriculum (Grade 4 to 8) to give them ideas to learn difficult concepts using the latest technology has to offer. Use this camp as a sampler for learning using virtual reality – rather than just playing games with it! All equipment is provided.

Scratch Programming (ages 9 – 13)
Your middle schooler hasn’t tried their hand at coding yet? Here is your chance. Inspire them with the possibilities of programming! The student will use a drag & drop, block-based programming language, discuss coding basics and then move to some fun programs, including game creation. This program is creativity and fun-focused. Campers will have a blast using computer science fundamentals to create their own games, stories and artwork.

Robot Build (ages 14 – 17)
Are you a high schooler confident in Python language and want to take your skills to next level? Or you are good in python and want a solid robotics project for your college application resume? Create your own self-driving robot car using Raspberry Pi in a week! You buy and bring your own kit (~$260) and then assemble and program it in the camp. You take home the final robot and can continue learning the extensions. The robot will include a tilt camera, many sensors, etc. as hardware. It comes with software modules for line tracking, intelligent obstacle avoidance, object-following, facial, hand gesture, QR code, colour recognition features, and modules.

Python Programming (ages 14 – 17)
This camp introduces the text-based programming language of Python to students aged 14 to 17, starting with simple algorithms and flowcharts. The module covers Python IDEs in detail, like data structures, formatting, and error handling. Students get a taste of real-world programming (more than simple games). This is more of an academic-style camp where the focus is on learning python language – as opposed to game creation for fun.

This summer, it’s time to build some real-life skills that will take kids into our technological world with confidence! Registration is now open, so don’t miss your spot!

Cloverdale Robotics Summer Camps:

When: Summer 2022
Time: Morning: 10 am – 1 pm; Afternoon: 2 – 4 pm
Where: Cloverdale Robotics
Address: Cloverdale Robotics Center: 17720 57 Ave #205, Surrey, BC
McLeod Athletic Park, Rotary Room: 5687 Johnston Townline Rd, Langley, BC
Aldergrove Athletic Park: 26845 27 Ave, Aldergrove, BC
Riverside Community Room: 9273 Glover Rd, Langley Twp, BC
Phone: 604-404-4124
Website: www.cloverdalerobotics.ca