Spending the summer sailing the ocean blue seems like the stuff of fairy tales and an activity only attainable by the well-to-do. But when we live a hop, skip, and jump from the Pacific Ocean, how can we not be lured by the magic of the waves and experience a type of freedom found nowhere else? And when you have a fantastic sailing school offering week-long sailing camps starting at $360 per week, how can you say no?!

The setting for the sailing summer camp with Eagle Harbour Yacht Club couldn’t get more stunning! Eagle Harbour Yacht Club is located at the entrance to Howe Sound, in West Vancouver. From sheltered Eagle Harbour, sailors can learn to sail in one of the most beautiful areas of Vancouver.

The Eagle Harbour Yacht Club is passionate about getting kids onto the water. Their summer sailing camps provide a fantastic knowledge base for future sailors. The emphasis is on safety and fun with the ultimate objective being to develop a lifelong love of sailing in the summer camp participants. Whether your child is a seasoned pro or has never set toe on a sailboat before, Eagle Harbour Yacht Club has a summer camp that will suit them.

There is a wide variety of summer camps available which accommodate varying ages and sailing experience:

Wet Feet (Intro) – A gentle one-week introduction to sailing in Optimist dinghies for children 7-9 years of age with no sailing experience.

Opti Basic – Upon completion of Wet Feet, children 6-9 years of age can begin developing their sailing skills in Optimist dinghies during these one-week courses.

CANSail 1 – A two-week course for children 10+ years of age who are beginning their journey in sailing, using double-handed dinghies. This is an entry-level course for older children that teaches fundamental sailing skills including basic sheeting, steering, and boat handling on all points of sail. Upon completion, sailors can sail within defined boundaries set by an instructor.

CANSail 2 – A two-week course which builds on the skills learned in CANSail 1. This teaches sailors to adjust their bodies and boats for changes in direction and wind speed while sailing and to perform boat-handling maneuvers in a controlled manner while in a controlled setting.

CANSail 3 – A two-week intermediate sailing course that teaches sailors to integrate the fundamental boat handling maneuvers and balance with basic tactics and strategy as well as applied sail trim. Sailors are exposed to a greater variety of conditions and participate in a club race or club training camp.

CANSail 4 – A two-week advanced sailing course that teaches sailors to perform advanced boat handling maneuvers in a variety of conditions. Sailors can successfully execute maneuvers in competitive settings and for tactical and strategic purposes. Sailors participate in a one or two-day regatta.

Eagle Harbour Sailing Club

When helping your child pack for their sailing summer camp with Eagle Harbour Yacht Club, use this checklist to ensure nothing is left at home:

  • Coast Guard-approved life jacket (you can rent one if you don’t own one)
  • Bathing suit
  • Change of clothes (at least one)
  • Towel
  • Rain gear
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Proper footwear (please no flip flops or open-toed shoes, shoes similar to Natives and Crocs are recommended)
  • Healthy lunch and snacks
  • Helmet (you can rent one from us) to use until you become accustom to ducking when the boom swings over your head

The sailing programs follow the CANSAIL curriculum set by the Canadian Yachting Association (CYA), which is recognized worldwide as one of the top national sailing authorities. Sailing schools across Canada follow and recognize the CYA certification levels, so the instruction your child will receive is recognized throughout Canada and also overseas.

You can register online for sailing summer camps with Eagle Harbour Yacht Club. Spaces are filling up, so secure your space today.

Eagle Harbour Yacht Club Summer Sailing Camps:

Dates: July 8-August 16, 2024
Times: 9am – 4pm
Location: Eagle Harbour Sailing Club
Phone: Nancy Mitchell- Executive Director- (604) 921-7636
Address: 5750 Eagle Harbour Road, West Vancouver
Website: www.ehyc.org/sailing-school