Virtual birthday parties are all the rage thanks to the pandemic. Kids want to see their friends; kids want to celebrate with their friends. While the pandemic rages on, kids keep having birthdays. Last year many of birthdays were celebrated at home with just family. But as kids start celebrating their second birthday in a lockdown they want something more. The drive-by parties from last year aren’t cutting it. Kids want to gather with their friends, they want to do an activity, they want to make memories together.

EXPLORUM Birthday Parties offers a wide range of fantastic virtual birthday parties. The Toronto-based organization (don’t worry they are absolutely able to accommodate our time zone) offers engaging extracurricular activities in both English and French. Yes, French! If you have a child enrolled in a French immersion program, why not have a birthday party in French too? And don’t worry if your child wishes to invite a friend who isn’t enrolled in a French immersion program – the organizers can accommodate bilingual parties in both French and English.

The fun and energetic instructors lead hands-on science experiments, engaging yoga sessions, as well as a host of DIY artistic projects. The EXPLORUM Birthday Parties are designed for kids as young as four all the way up to 17 year olds! Workshops for younger kids run just 30 – 45 minutes to account for their shorter attention spans, while the workshops for the older kids may run 45 – 75 minutes.


I think we have all witnessed our kids struggle to connect virtually with their friends. Not every child loves video-conferencing, but that’s our current reality. Fortunately the team from EXPLORUM are experts in helping kids engage successfully online. Through their guidance, and the exciting activities, kids have fun hanging out together while learning a new skill. The birthday parties are 60-75 minutes long and can accommodate up to 15 kids (depending on the age of the participants). And just think, with a virtual birthday party your child doesn’t need to limit their invite list to just those who live nearby. Your child can invite a cousin who lives in a different province or a friend who moved to a different city. EXPLORUM birthday parties enables kids to celebrate with those who matter most to them.

Check out the four types of virtual birthday parties offered by EXPLORUM: Science, DIY’Art, Yoga, and the world of exotic animals with EducaZoo. EXPLORUM can help you choose what’s best for your group and then they send you a Zoom link and list of materials and ingredients, specific to your party. Materials are limited to common household items you might already have. Idea: put together birthday-party-bags (the supplies, a cupcake, a few goody bag treats) and drop them off at the homes of the party participants the day before the party occurs.

What will your child choose? For their next birthday, they could meet a reptile, make a wind chime, or discover a volcanic eruption. EXPLORUM has ideas your kids will love and they make it so easy for you! See party themes and recommended ages for activities and start planning a social, yet socially-distant, birthday party.

Explorum Birthday Parties

Make Any Occassion a Party

While many parents book these workshops to celebrate birthdays, you can also book them for just about any occasion — even just a regular old weekday playdate. These affordable workshops would make for a great way to keep your child engaged with learning throughout the summer and school breaks. Gather (virtually) a few families to split the cost for even more affordability.

EXPLORUM Birthday Parties:

Cost: $145 + tax
Ages: 4 – 17 years