I was raised with a sister – we did ballet and piano growing up – mine was a feminine-infused childhood. Now I’m a mom to two boys and I’m discovering, on a daily basis, how very different the two genders are in their formative years. When faced with organizing a birthday party for twelve 8 & 10 year olds, I looked outside my comfort zone. And, not to brag, but I NAILED it with the birthday party this year. What boy – really, what kid – isn’t going to love the opportunity to drive? And I’m not talking about a ride-on lawn mower, I’m talking about 30km/hr, 2 inches off the ground, go karts. Langley’s Fast Track Indoor Karting was the perfect place to host our sons’ birthday party.

There are two tracks: the junior track (for those who are between 48″ and 56″ tall, or those who have never driven before), and an adult track (those above 56″ tall). The junior track is a large oval and the karts max out at 30km/hr. Now that may seem slow but remember the drivers are only 2 inches off the ground so it seems super fast once you are in the karts. The adult track karts go up to an insane 75km/hr.

Fast Track Indoor KartingHere are a few things I LOVE about our birthday party experience at Fast Track Indoor Karting:

  • There is no age limit. As long as your party guests are at least 48″ they can drive.
  • When you book a birthday party, your party guests are the only ones on the track. The junior track can handle 4 drivers at a time; the adult track can handle 12.
  • A party room is included with your party package. As is a slice of pizza per participant, a drink, and a bag of chips. You are also allowed to bring in your own additional food, as well as cake & supplies. Please note a nominal cleaning fee may be charged should you bring in your own food.
  • Our group had 12 kids so only 4 were able to race at a time. But while they took turns, the kids thoroughly enjoyed cheering on their friends, as well as watching the karts fly around the adult track.
  • Each party guest is permitted two races, and each race is 7 minutes long.

Fast Track Indoor Karting puts safety at the forefront. The kids watched a safety video before getting anywhere near the track. Helmets and neck braces were provided. I was incredibly appreciative of the disposable hairnets available. Once on the track, the attendant reviewed the safety rules and the kids were ready to go. Please remember to dress for the weather. As Fast Track Indoor Karting wants to ensure the air inside the facility is safe to breathe, the fans are always circulating. This means that whatever temperature it is outside, is the temperature on the track. So dress appropriately, and in the colder months, don’t forget gloves.

Of course Fast Track Indoor Karting does much more than birthday parties. Here are just a few of the regular specials available at Langley’s only indoor karting experience!

  • Groups can book out the track for an hour
  • On Tuesdays, purchase 2 races and the 3rd race is free
  • Thursday is Family Date Night: 4 races for $60

Fast Track Indoor Karting:

Hours: 10am – midnight, daily except for Christmas day
Address: 5760 Production Way, Langley
Phone: 604-534-3278
Websitewww.fasttrackkarting.caFast Track Indoor Karting