I was raised in a house where reading was prized above all else. The rule growing up was “if you are watching TV you will be asked to do chores; if you are reading you will be left alone”. My sister and I weren’t stupid; we read. A lot. But since becoming a full-time working mom, reading has slipped off my to-do list. I’m diligent about reading to my kids (I have a goal of reading 36 novels to them this year), but I’m terrible about prioritizing reading for myself. Since having children 11 years ago, I have read four books for myself. Four. That’s horrendous.

Indigo is making reading a little bit cheaper for all of us as we dig into the coming weeks of social distancing and isolation. From now until April 12 shipping on all orders from Indigo is FREE! You don’t need to be a Plum Rewards member. You don’t need to complete a minimum purchase value. You need a book, a game, a snuggly blanket, Indigo is taking care the shipping costs for you. It’s a great way to keep visitors out of the stores.

Free Shipping from Indigo:

Dates: until April 12, 2020
Website: www.chapters.indigo.ca