Spooky Family Fun at Great Wolf Lodge’s Howl-O-Ween

Howl-o-ween at Great Wolf LodgeBefore my kids even stepped foot inside the mammoth wooden doors of Grand Mound’s Great Wolf Lodge, they knew they were in for a boatload of fun. The magic of Great Wolf Lodge is infectious; I have yet to meet a kid – or adult for that matter – who hasn’t love their vacation there. But, for just one special month each year, Great Wolf Lodge gets even better. Say hello to Howl-O-Ween!

Howl-o-ween at Great Wolf LodgeLet’s get straight to the checklist of how your Great Wolf Lodge experience is ramped to new levels of awesomeness in the month of October:

  • Halloween decorations: be prepared to be awed by the way Great Wolf Lodge infuses Halloween into every aspect of your visit.
  • Orange ears: yes, that’s right, there are special Halloween wolf ears available only during the month of October.
  • Trick or Treat Trail: every night from 6-8pm kids are invited to visit six spots to collect goodies. This activity is especially fun if you are in costume
  • Haunted Hustle Scavenger Hunt: work to solve 10 clues and collect a prize.Howl-o-ween at Great Wolf Lodge
  • Candy Corn Guessing Game: visit the front desk and see if you can guess the insane number of candy corns jammed into the massive jar.
  • DIY Candy Corn Cupcakes: if you are craving candy corn after guessing how many are sitting in the jar at the front desk, you can satisfy your sweet tooth on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays by decorating your own cupcake.
  • Spooktacular Story Time: everyone loves a “scary” story. Don’t worry all the tales told at Great Wolf Lodge are 100% kid-appropriate.
  • Monster Bash Dance Party: just before you head to bed, get those kids moving and shaking the last ounces of energy out of them.

If Great Wolf Lodge is uncharted territory for you, let me give you a quick overview:

  • Waterslides: indoor waterslides and water features that will keep kids of all ages entertained. Whether you have a little toddler or an overly confident teenager, the waterslides and water features will keep those kids going until they morph into a prune from head to toe. And let’s just clarify one point, these are INDOOR waterslides. Yup, no need to freeze your West Coast kester off racing from heated water source to heated water source. At Great Wolf Lodge you stay cozy warm all day long!Howl-o-ween at Great Wolf Lodge
  • Howler’s Peak Ropes Course: There’s no doubt about it, I’m a chicken. My kids are not. They fearlessly tackled the outdoor rope course. Ziplining 100ft off the ground was nothing to them (the dangling legs in the top right of this picture belong to my 7 year old). Me, I screamed my head off at the zipline that was only 30ft off the ground (and 30ft might be an exaggeration but I’m sticking to that height because I’m so darned proud I did it). Hours, literally hours, were spent by my kids working their way through the obstacle course. A huge selling point for the rope course is that you don’t have to stop; you can start when they open and stay there until they close for the day.
  • MagiQuest: this has to be one of my favourite experiences at Great Wolf Lodge. Participants are sent up and down stairs, back and forth across the lobby, all with the goal of completing quests. Now parents, be sure to pack your patience! The kids will be amped up ready to roar around the lodge without an ounce of patience or willingness to actually R-E-A-D the clues. Nonetheless, playing MagiQuest, is a true favourite for our family. Imagine being Harry Potter casting countless spells and you are nearing an understanding of the game. I have no clue how many flights of stairs I ascended and descended over our 2-night stay but my thighs were sure letting me know an insane number of stairs had been conquered.Howl-o-ween at Great Wolf Lodge
  • Scoops Spa: talk about indulgent heaven! Now there is a large portion of the spa dedicated to adults, but the kid spa room is a true delight. I treated my youngest to a dirt & worms pedicure; he was in heaven! Not only did he get to snack on sour gummy worms, his pedicure included a chocolate-scented bath bomb, a chocolate-infused scrub, and a chocolate-scented lotion. His feet have never smelled so good!

And if you are worried about food, don’t be. This allergy-mom is THRILLED that the food produced in the kitchens are nut-free! (Unfortunately the on-site candy store sells items with nuts, so Great Wolf Lodge can’t say they are completely nut-free.) We thoroughly enjoyed the Loose Moose buffet on Saturday night; every Saturday night is a seafood buffet. Crab legs, mussels, oysters, clams in endless supply. Wow!

Howl-O-Ween happens every year throughout the month of October. And I’ve heard tell that there are two other special must-experience seasons at Great Wolf Lodge: Snowland (December) and Spring-A-Palooza (March – April).

Howl-O-Ween at Great Wolf Lodge:

Address: 20500 Old Hwy 99 SW, Centralia, Washington State, USA

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