Taking inspiration from the children’s game “I Spy” the artists working at UrbanScreen (within the Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre) are capturing different sites from both Whalley and the larger Surrey community. This exhibition evolves over time. Just because you visited once don’t expect the same experience the next time you visit. The artist-collective, Flavourcel, encourages visitors to “spy” things that connect with them in short-form animations featuring nearby shop facades, local ingredients, wildlife, popular sports and more.

Flavourcel is an animation collective based in the unceded Coast Salish territories. Born out of a desire to break down the institutional barriers that limit animators and introduce play into their work, Flavourcel produces experimental animations in a variety of styles. From hand-drawn cell-shading to digital doodles, music videos, and gifs, each artist pushes the boundaries of the medium and challenges the preconceptions of how animated art should be made. Flavourcel includes Harlo Martens, Kat Morris, Josh Neu, Julia Song, Alia Hijaab, Chhaya Naran, Gil Goletski, Laurel Pucker, Lana Connors, and Chris Strickler.

UrbanScreen is located on the west wall Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre. UrbanScreen is Canada’s largest, non-commercial screen dedicated to presenting digital artwork by regional and international artists. Exhibitions run, after dark, from September to April.

I Spy a City:

Dates: February 6 – May 2, 2021
Times: 7:45pm – 10pm
Location: Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre
Address: 13458 107A Avenue, Surrey
Website: www.surrey.ca