Every September I start digging around on the internet looking for a new & exciting place to hold my boys’ Fall birthday party (with kids having birthdays only seven days apart there’s no way I’m organizing two parties). The end of October is an utter disaster when it comes to the weather; one year we booked an outdoor adventure park but had to postpone the party by a week due to a massive windstorm. Needless to say outdoor birthday parties in the Fall & Winter scare me; they are highly unpredictable. But, when I find an indoor party venue that offers endless entertainment and gallons of exercise I’m a happy momma.

This year we found the perfect venue! Langley Cheer and Athletics has an indoor parkour park. It is a hot, sweaty, laughter-filled birthday party experience. We had 22 boys aged 6 – 10 years old and they were all fully entertained. They were loud, they were wild, and all of them had a ton of athletic-fuelled fun.

I really have to applaud Langley Cheer and Athletics for their easy-going approach to hosting birthday parties. So many venues have numerous rules and an inflexible schedule. That’s not the case with the parkour party. You have the venue for 2 hours. It is entirely yours. If the kids want to run around the parkour facilities for the full 2 hours they are welcome to. If you want to parkour for an hour, eat for 20 minutes, and return to the parkour space, you are allowed. The 2 hours are completely yours to organize and that flexibility is wonderful. The boys at our party were having so much fun they didn’t even want to eat the cake, they just wanted to get back to scrambling all over the parkour structures. Two staff members were assigned to our party (I’m not sure whether this is standard, or if we had extra staff due to the numbers of kids in our group). The staff supervised the parkour portion, led the kids through an obstacle course, and did all of the clean up after our celebrations.

I am incredibly grateful to venues who making hosting a birthday party easy. The parkour party was incredibly easy: no need for decorations, the kids are occupied and supervised, you just bring in the food you want to serve, and that’s it! Call soon to book your child’s party, there are limited time slots and they fill up quickly.

Parkour Party at Langley Cheer & Athletics:

Address: #307 – 19292 60th Avenue, Surrey
Phone: (604) 510-2220

Parkour Birthday Party at Langley Cheer and Athletic