Drama, STEM, nature exploration, fairytale theatre are all part of the education-infused, hands-on Pear Tree Spring Break Camps! Pear Tree’s wide range of Spring Break camps will engage your child in new and challenging activities, including cooking, sports, music and dance, drama/public speaking, art/crafts, and academics. With any Pear Tree Spring Break Camp, your child will spend as much time as possible outside, experiencing education hands-on in the fresh air. They will learn and experience diverse skills such as multi-disciplines (science, math, social studies, and language arts), creativity, teamwork, technology, public speaking, sports, and critical thinking.

Fairytale Theatre

Plant magic bean seeds to help Jack reach the giant, make gingerbread men and then pretend to chase them, try and figure out what Little Red Riding Hood is carrying in her basket, act out the tale of the Three Little Pigs – the magic of the fairytales will come to life for the campers aged 5 – 6 years this Spring. The Fairytale Theatre camp will include drama, math activities, simple baking, and loads of magical stories. This camp is available March 14 – 18.

Pear Tree Spring Break CampsSTEM

Using a wide variety of team-based activities, students aged 7-9 years will work together to solve science, technology, engineering and math-related problems using a mixture of everyday and specialized materials. This camp is available March 14 – 18.

Artificial Intelligence

This mentally stimulating camp for kids aged 10-14 years will expand your child’s math capabilities by delving into spatial reasoning and problem-solving. Various apps will give your child the chance to develop a foundational understanding of programming; the course will also consider the ethical ramifications of AI. This camp is available March 14 – 18.

Pear Tree Spring Break CampsWestcoast Creatures

Campers, aged 7-9 years, will learn about the many fascinating animals that live on BC’s West Coast: brown bats, grizzly bears, orca whales, and owls. Using science experiments, art activities, drama, songs, and children’s literature, students are sure to leave this camp excited about our local wildlife. This camp is available March 21 – 25.

Cooking Science

Cooking is both an art and a science. Pear Tree’s cooking science course is the best hands-on method for kids to develop a fascination and deeper understanding of chemistry. Students, aged 10-14 years, will learn about, cook with, and eat a variety of ingredients that transform depending on how they are prepared. Please note: Pear Tree’s healthy Hot Lunch Program is mandatory for this course, as food is provided throughout the week. An additional $69 must be added to the camp price. This camp is available March 21 – 25.

The Pear Tree Spring Break Camps are $350 each. Before and after camp care is available: 8 – 9am is an additional $15 per day; 3 – 5pm is an additional $20 per day; both before and after camp care combined is $25 per day. If you don’t want to make lunch for the week, be sure to add on the Hot Lunch option. For just $69 you won’t need to think about a morning snack, lunch, or afternoon snack for the entire week!

Pear Tree Spring Break Camps:

Dates: March 14 – 25, 2022
Time: 9am – 3pm
Address: Suite 215 – 2678 West Broadway, Vancouver