We love playgrounds! The more innovative and creative, the better. The City of Langley has knocked it out of the park with their new Penzer Action Park. This park is geared to kids (of all ages) who have energy to burn.

Previously the park consisted of a super cool bike park with insane jumps, banked corners, and wild runs that kept every bike daredevil entertained. But the City of Langley felt that just wasn’t enough. They have gone all out and expanded Penzer Action Park to offer endless physical entertainment.

Penzer Action Park - basketball courtImmediately adjacent to the parking lot is a basketball stadium (for lack of a better term). The outdoor basketball court is huge. There is also a volleyball net that stretches across the middle of the court.

Penzer Action ParkAcross from the basketball court is a kid-size parkour climbing zone. This space is great for the 4 & under crowd. The wood chip ground cover ensure the inevitable falls don’t result in broken bones.

Penzer Action ParkThe main attraction, at least for my kids, was the full-sized parkour park. An in-ground trampoline, numerous climbing walls, balance beams, and swinging bars will provide hours of creative physical fun. The parkour experts will have great fun flying through the course, but the younger kids will have equal fun figuring out new & inventive ways to scramble over the climbing structures.

Penzer Action ParkThere is also a twisty turny skateboard park. My boys haven’t yet convinced me to buy them skateboard but we will be having lots of fun with scooters and bikes on the paved course.

Parkour Playground Penzer Action Park:

Address: 198c Street, Langley (south of 48th Avenue)