Port Kells NurseryA visit to the Port Kells Pumpkin Patch, at Port Kells Nursery, is a tradition for many Metro Vancouver families. While COVID has thrown a bit of a wrench into the usual activities rest assured that the pumpkin patch is positively brimming with orange gourds ready to be transformed into pumpkin pie and jack o’lanterns.

Port Kells Pumpkin Patch

Admission to the Port Kells Pumpkin Patch is free. And while the hay wagon ride may not be happening, the kids will still be able to have great fun at the outdoor play areas and in the cedar maze. I know one of my kids’ favourite activities at Port Kells Nursery is feeding the chickens. The animal attractions – the goat palace, the pig hut, and the chicken coop – are all open for the 2020 Halloween season.

Port Kells NurseryIf you haven’t been to Port Kells Nursery, I highly recommend it. I visit a number of times a year. They have a HUGE selection of plants – both annual and perennial – as well as beautifully filled planter baskets, trees, indoor plants, water plants, and much more. Many of the plants for our family’s first vegetable garden were purchased from Port Kells this year. So really, a visit to Port Kells Nursery offers something for everyone in the family. The parents will enjoy browsing the plants and decor items (seriously, at what point in our lives did we all switch from wanting to play on the playground to wanting to browse plants…growing up is weird), and the kids will love exploring the cedar maze, saying hello to the animals, and picking the perfect pumpkin from the pumpkin patch.

Port Kells NurseryCOVID-guidelines:

  • social distancing rules are in place
  • the staff will be monitoring the number of people in the pumpkin patch to ensure social distancing is maintained
  • please be patient if you need to wait in line to access the pumpkin patch
  • please do not bring in any outside food items into the pumpkin patch

Port Kells Pumpkin Patch:

When: October 1 – 31, 2020
Time: 9am – 5pm
Where: Port Kells Nursery
Address: 18730 88th Avenue, Surrey