I love reading to my kids. I set the goal of reading 36 chapter books to them in 2020. I’m pretty sure we won’t have a problem reaching that goal (it was a BIG stretch goal prior to COVID-19, now I’m thinking we should be aiming a little higher, maybe 50 books in 2020). But even though I LOVE reading to my kids, it is sometimes exhausting. Yesterday we did a marathon reading session – I swear I read for 2 hours – and we only got through 80 pages. And my jaw! I’m a talker but my jaw is not sufficiently conditioned to read for 2 hours straight. When you need a break from reading – or if reading aloud is just not your thing – turn to Storyline Online for literary entertainment for your kids. There are loads of celebrities reading great books for your kids to enjoy.

You can catch Mary Steenburgen reading the childhood classic Strega Nona. Or Betty White reading Harry the Dirty Dog. And who doesn’t love Kristen Bell? She reads Quackenstein Hatches a Family. If you head to Storyline Online’s blog section of their website, you can find activity guides to accompany many of the books being read aloud.

Celebrities Read Stories to Kids at Storyline Online:

Website: www.storylineonline.net

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