The very successful Street Food event, part of Dine Out Vancouver, runs until Sunday January 26th at the plaza of the Vancouver Art Gallery.  From 11am – 5pm more than 20 food trucks offer a massive variety of foods to sample.

We came with empty stomachs and an enthusiasm to try everything!  The kids LOVED the Kaboom Box fries, I was very partial to their Oyster Po’Boy.  The chicken tacos at Tacofino was ridiculously good…we should have ordered more!

The grilled cheese special from Mom’s Grilled Cheese was delightfully spicy.  As it was a bit too hot for the kiddies so we ordered them a havarti on multi-grain.  Yummy!

The chai tea from Vij’s Railway Express was delicious.  Fortunately the cool outside temperatures quickly made the tea a kid-friendly temperature.  The butter chicken schnitzel was super yummy…it was also too spicy for our little 3 & 5 year olds, but us parents had no trouble gobbling it all up.

I highly recommend the “super healthy” poutine perogies from Holy Perogy.  Pay the extra $2 for the bacon, it is so worth it!

Everything we tried was positively delicious.  We are going back for round 2 tomorrow!  My only complaint, the lack of desserts this year.  Last year, a number of the trucks put together a little special dessert…this year no one did.  My sweet tooth was left hanging.  However, considering the stupid amount of food we packed away, our belt lines were probably most appreciative of the absent desserts.