Did you know pineapple leaves can be used to create fabric? Visit the Museum of Surrey to untangle all sorts of interesting facts about fibres, textiles and the tools and techniques used to make them.

From May 10 until the end of July, Untangling Textiles introduces visitors to the world of fabric outside of just 100% cotton. Wool and silk are fabrics we are aware of, but have you heard of a textile made from milk protein or soya by-products?

It’s not just the fabrics on display at the Museum of Surrey. See an authentic Indian Charka – the same tool once used by Ghandi for spinning raw cotton into yarn, or a display showing the life cycle of the silkworm, with real silk cocoons. Get an up-close look at a Salish loom, handcrafted by Shain Jackson specially for MOS. Even examine a finger-woven traditional Voyaguer sash, made by local textile artist, Mechtild Morin.

Museum of Surrey Untangling TextilesUntangling Textiles is family-friendly! Watch demonstrations and talk with textile artists, view textile samples and tools and even try some hands-on activities. Kids will love learning how the fur of sheep, angora rabbits, llamas and even dogs can be spun into yarn!

The environmental problems associated with fast fashion are becoming more widely known. In fact, textiles are the second-largest polluters on the planet! Visit the MOS’ eco-friendly station and learn how to recycle old fabrics into something new in an effort to keep items out of the landfill. Your old t-shirts, jeans, sheets and cotton clothing all have the potential to be recycled into new creations. There will be opportunities to weave with some of MOS’ recycled fabrics on a loom.

Don’t forget admission to the Museum of Surrey is always FREE.

Untangling Textiles:

Dates: May 10 – July 31, 2022
Times: 9:30am – 5:30pm (Tuesday – Saturday); 12pm – 5pm (Sunday)
Location: Museum of Surrey
Address: 17710 56a Avenue, Surrey
Website: www.surrey.ca