Last year we took our boys, for the first time, to Christmas with the Vancouver Bach Choir.  We had such a wonderful time I was most eager to return in 2013.  What a wonderful treat!  From little ones to adults, a multitude of performers took to the stage and awed us with their vocal abilities.

The Orpheum itself is wonderfully opulent and inspirational. Your soul feels nourished just by walking through the door. There was much for our young boys’ eyes to take in.  Last year we sat in row one…that was a bit close considering the large number of performers on stage.  This year we sat in the balcony which was much better as we were able to truly appreciate the entire performance.

The afternoon performance started with everyone, audience included, singing a Christmas carol. Thankfully the kind organizers of the event printed the words to all the sing-along-carols in the program.  It was wonderful to be fully encircled by astounding voices.  The first performers were the Piccolos – aged 5 and 6. As you can imagine, they were adorable and most impressive!

Over the course of the two hour performance, children of increasing age and talent performed a small selection of Christmas carols. The wonderful Bach Adult Choir interjected their tremendous voices throughout the afternoon and capped off their contribution with a magical performance of the Messiah’s Hallelujah chorus.

We once again had a wonderful experience at Christmas with the Vancouver Bach Choir; we will certainly return again next year.  If you are disappointed you missed out on this year’s performance, take heart.  On December 14th, the Vancouver Bach Choir will perform the Messiah, in its entirety.  I can’t wait until our boys are a bit older and I can take them to this performance.  You are in for a real treat.