It is near impossible to craft words sufficiently grandiose to describe Cavalia’s Odysseo.  I went in thinking “Cirque du Soleil with horses”.  While that isn’t wrong it is also a wildly insufficient comparison.  Yes there are breath-taking acrobatics; yes there are mind-blowing physical stunts; and yes there are horses.  But Cavalia’s Odysseo is so much more…I forgot to clap, that’s how good it is.

The strength, endurance and down-right bravery of the performers is unparalleled in any performance I’ve seen.  While not the most physically demanding the vignette I found most powerful included one petite woman and 10 horses.  Now I couldn’t identify a stallion from a gelding if my life were on the line….all I know is this woman created magic with 10 massive horses, no reins and almost no discernible verbal commands.

The physical prowess of the performers is down right ridiculous.  I’m thoroughly convinced the laws of gravity don’t apply to the Cavalia athletes.  I’ll be honest there were times I had to look away, my mind couldn’t comprehend how the performers didn’t fall on their heads.  Of course they are professionals and have an astounding amount of training and rehearsal.  But seriously, no one should be able to do what they did with their bodies!

There are a multitude of intriguing shows and theatrical experiences to choose from this holiday season.  Put Cavalia’s Odyesso at the top of your must-see list.  While the tickets aren’t cheap, I promise you get more than your money’s worth.