Guarantee your child’s success this year by enrolling them in the intellectually stimulating classes at Vancouver Chess School.

Ever since the highly rated “Queen’s Gambit” premiered in 2021, the game of chess has been on the rise with a younger demographic who values the precision, skill, and strategy involved in the game. It seems like everywhere you turn, kids are playing chess at the playground, in their classrooms, and at recess and lunchtime. This, of course, delights parents as there are so many skills learned through chess that are transferable to other classes and in life: mathematical representations, problem-solving, formal logic, adaptability, and cognitive stamina, and focused on staying engaged through the entirety of the game.

If your child has spent the summer playing Chess or is just started to show an interest in learning, then enroll them in Fall lessons at Vancouver Chess School. With over a decade of experience and highly qualified coaches and instructors, Vancouver Chess School is a leader in chess education with small class sizes, one-on-one instruction, and competitive tournaments. Through this approach, students progress through levels: Absolute Beginner for those who have never played before, to Master, the highest level.

For Fall, students can choose from online or in-person classes as they progress through the levels. An assessment prior to registration will ensure that each student is placed in the correct level to ensure optimal learning progression throughout the term. Group classes begin in September and run one day a week until December. The time and day of each class is dependent on the level your child is enrolling for. Private classes are available for students of all levels who might benefit from having a teacher work with them one-to-one. Private classes are fun and efficient, and often produce a much quicker speed of learning and progression.

Whether you’re looking to introduce your child to a new pastime this year, or boost their existing skills, Vancouver Chess School has a class for every level of learning and provides a fun and engaging atmosphere to play chess.

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Vancouver Chess School Fall Lessons

When: September – December 2023
Time: dependent on the level of class.
Address: 312-2083 Alma Street, Vancouver