White Spot Pirate Pak Day 2019Mark you calendars: August 14th is White Spot Pirate Pak Day! On one special day in August we can all relive our fond memories of the White Spot Pirate Paks. What kid, who grew up in BC, doesn’t have drool-inducing memories of the White Spot hamburger with the lightly crisped bun, chewy hamburger and ridiculously good mystery sauce? Add in the gold coin and the ice cream cup and that is what kid memories are made of!

On August 14th, every single adult (who can get a seat in a White Spot restaurant) can order their very own Pirate Pak. It is only once a year that adults get to enjoy this walk down memory lane. There are many eager to celebrate this day, so arrive early or be prepared to wait for your treat. The Pirate Pak Day for adults is a fundraiser for Zajac Ranch for Children.

White Spot Pirate Pak Day – August 14th:

When: August 14, 2019
Time: all day
Where: participating White Spot locations