Spring 2022

Shop local, support your neighbours, buy fresh fruits and veggies that have been grown in your area . . . it’s all good advice, right?! I’ve done some shopping at outdoor farmer’s markets while living in Calgary, and I’ve always meant to get over to the Calgary Farmer’s Market for a visit, too. But you know how it goes: kids, work, chores, and errands. It doesn’t take much for months (um, years) to go by, and when you have to drive across town, sometimes it just doesn’t happen.

Calgary Farmer's Market Visit (Family Fun Calgary)

Colourful eggplants

This summer (with a tentative opening of August 2022), the Calgary Farmer’s Market is opening a second location in west Calgary, in the new community of Greenwich, near Canada Olympic Park. This location will be much easier for me to visit, but oddly, this news made me want to visit the original location first, so on the last Saturday in April 2022, I bribed the kids with a treat and we headed to the market. (The treats get a little pricier with teens, but the concept is just as solid.)

Spoiler alert: it was a hit with everyone.

Calgary Farmer's Market Visit (Family Fun Calgary)

A delicious lunch!

We visited on a Saturday, so things were quite busy and there was a great vibe. People were laughing and visiting and we loved the busker playing the bass saxophone, as two of my kids played the alto sax in junior high. The kids were actually excited to check out the vendors and our self-proclaimed, in-house teen chef convince to buy bison meat so he could make bison burgers for supper. (Kid wants to cook? I’ll buy anything you want.) Everyone loved the food options and trying new things, and we all enjoyed lunch together. The saskatoon soda from Troubled Monk was so delicious, my son is planning a stop in Red Deer the next time we drive by. There’s even a great area for kids to play — had I known there was a cool indoor playground at the market, I would have visited years ago with my little monkeys!

Calgary Farmer's Market Visit (Family Fun Calgary)

Delighted by the jewellery

A Calgary Farmer’s Market visit is a fun stop for kids of any age. Get out of the house, support local businesses, and buy yourself a treat! Now, everyone in our family is eagerly anticipating the opening of the Calgary Farmer’s Market West, so stay tuned for pictures of the beautiful new location!

Calgary Farmers Market Visit:

Where: Calgary Farmers Market
Address: 510-77th Ave SE, Calgary, AB
Phone: 403-240-9113 ext 100
Website: www.calgaryfarmersmarket.ca
Facebook: www.facebook.com

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