Time is fleeting when you have kids — and so is the summer! What’s on your summer fun bucket list? Check out our guide filled with terrific Calgary summer events to help you find the best ways to spend your time. This summer, we want to do more than survive summer and banish boredom. It’s time to make some memories and have some FUN!

From the beginning of summer to those last precious days before school starts … find out what’s on our Summer Fun Bucket List.

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Boundary Ranch Summer Trail Rides (Family Fun Calgary)

Boundary Ranch Summer Trail Rides

Want to give your family a summer to remember this year? Just add fresh air, mountain views, and horseback riding adventures! We all need to get outside more, challenge ourselves, and enjoy nature. With the Rocky Mountains right on our doorstep, Boundary Ranch summer trail riding will give your family an opportunity for outdoor excitement and a summer adventure they won’t forget!

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Barney's Adventure Park (Family Fun Calgary)

Barney’s Adventure Park

Through the badlands and among the hoodoos, in the coulees and the trees — this was a land where dinosaurs roamed. We love to visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, but there’s even more reason to spend a day in the Drumheller area this summer! Barney’s Adventure Park is open all summer, giving families the perfect opportunity to unplug, explore, and PLAY!

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Guide to Calaway Park (Family Fun Calgary)

Calaway Park: Your Guide to a Great Day

What does a day of summer fun look like? How about carousels, roller coasters, and splashing in the water? What about the clang of winning a midway game, watching a show, or cotton candy sticky fingers? A day of summer fun looks like a day at Calaway Park! And did you say it’s Western Canada’s largest amusement park?! Let’s go!

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Calgary Library Ultimate Summer Challenge (Family Fun Calgary)Calgary Library Ultimate Summer Challenge

Remember the long, lazy days of summer when you were a kid? Calgary Public Library’s free Ultimate Summer Challenge is inviting both you and your kids to enjoy the long, lazy days of summer with a good book and free programs! The Ultimate Summer Challenge is back to keep the whole family entertained and engaged all summer long.

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Splitsville Bowling Summer (Family Fun Calgary)

Splitsville Summer Bowling and Kids’ Club

The thrill of a strike and the agony of a gutter ball — bowling is an entertaining way to enjoy being with your family, with a little competition, just to spice it up! As much as we love being outside in the summer, we also need a place to go on those days that are too hot, rainy, or smoky. Splitsville Bowling is ready for summer fun that will be right up your alley!

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Y Not Today Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)Y Not Today Summer Fun

Sometimes, we all need a place to sit back, relax, and just enjoy each other’s company. Y Not Today has summer fun to help your family enjoy the moments, without the stress! Y Not Today is a unique Calgary cafe that also offers a place to hang out and play. They are an ice cream and bubble tea shop with interactive, tech-free fun! You’ll find games, puzzles, and special events. The cozy atmosphere and friendly staff bring a positive, welcoming vibe for all ages.

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Canada Day Guide (Family Fun Calgary)Canada Day Guide

We have so many privileges living in Canada, and this July 1, it’s time to celebrate our country and make some memories with our families. We’re collecting all the best Canada Day events we can find in and around Calgary, so get out there and embrace every opportunity!

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Calgary Stampede (Family Fun Calgary)Calgary Stampede

For 10 days each July, Calgary gets back to its Western roots and whoops it up during “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.” Visitors from the world over, together with the plaid- and Stetson-clad locals, take in exhibitions, concerts, competitions, the midway, and all manner of special events highlighting the ranching and farming roots of the Alberta Prairies.

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Calgary Folk Music FestivalCalgary Folk Festival (Family Fun Calgary)

Is there anything that can beat relaxing in the summer sun, enjoying the company of friends and family, and listening to great music? Add a beautiful island location and the carefree joy of your kids dancing and it’s a moment to cherish. Don’t miss a wonderful weekend at the Calgary Folk Music Festival this summer, because kids 12 and under get in free!

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Bike Parks and Pump Tracks (Family Fun Calgary)

Bike Parks and Pump Tracks

Do you remember being a kid and the joy and freedom of riding a bike? Bike parks and pump tracks have been popping up all over Calgary and they are a fantastic way to get outside and stay active, plus build amazing skills. Whether your kids are just beginning to ride their balance bike or amaze you with their tricks, check out these Calgary and area bike parks for a summer filled with active, and mostly free, fun.

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Board Game Cafes (Family Fun Calgary)

Board Game Cafes

Family game night is a classic way to spend rainy days and over the last few years, board game cafes have become an interesting alternative to playing the same tired games around your kitchen table. Board game cafes offer drinks and snacks to purchase and often charge a small fee per hour, but they have shelves full of games to play, from cards to complicated games of strategy. It’s a great way to try something new and get out of the house with your kids.

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Bowling Guide (Family Fun Calgary)

Bowling Guide

With a little friendly competition and lots of laughter, bowling makes a great family night out for all ages! Our Bowling Guide will help you find an affordable, fun way to spend some time, whether you like to focus on chatting between balls or perfecting your technique. Calgary has several bowling alleys, with the choice of 5 or 10-pin bowling.

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Farm Fun (Family Fun Calgary)

Farm Fun

I grew up in the country, but have lived in cities my whole adult life. My kids, on the other hand, are born and bred city kids. One time, we went to a corn maze and one of my children (who will remain nameless to protect the ridiculous) exclaimed, “I didn’t realize it was actually corn!” Sweet mercy. Whether your kids are country kids or city kids, we have a list of places your family can get outside and experience fun on the farm. And just maybe, learn something new.

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Farmers Markets (Family Fun Calgary)

Farmers Markets

There are many fabulous food producers in and around Calgary, and the city’s many seasonal farmers markets allow us to take advantage of their products when they’re at their absolute freshest! Visiting a farmers market is a community event, a chance to buy the freshest local produce, and sometimes, an opportunity for family fun, with live music or activities.

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Family-Friendly Golf Courses (Family Fun Calgary)

Golf Courses

When the grass starts getting greener, it means golf season is upon us! If you’re looking to introduce your kids to golf or want to get out on the links as a family, there are many Calgary-area golf courses that have family deals or special programs for young golfers. Here are just a few family-friendly courses.

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Best Ice Cream Shops (Family Fun Calgary)

Ice Cream Guide

Are you a classic vanilla or a decadent chocolate peanut butter? Maybe you’re an exotic rosemary rhubarb sorbet. Whatever you choose, who doesn’t love a good ice cream cone on a hot day? Sweet and creamy, cool and refreshing, going for ice cream can be the crowning touch on a family outing or an event all its own. Calgary has great ice cream shops in every quadrant so find your favourite!

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Indoor Play Places (Family Fun Calgary)

Indoor Play Places

Rainy days, smoky days, or days that are just too hot. You don’t always want to be outside, even in the summer, but happily, Calgary is also home to many indoor play places, from climbing structures to trampoline parks to parkour studios and beyond. Here’s the lowdown on all those wonderful weather sanctuaries!

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Calgary Night Markets (Family Fun Calgary)

Night Markets

It’s a summer market, it’s entertainment, and it’s community: what’s not to love?! Calgary night markets offer a fun alternative to traditional options and they are the perfect way to enjoy the gorgeous, long summer evenings in our city. Head out with friends and family, celebrate the community and local food and goods, and enjoy the best that summer has to offer.

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Outdoor Movies (Family Fun Calgary)COMING SOON Outdoor Movies

A beautiful summer evening is one of my favourite things. The summer flies by so quickly, though, it sometimes feels like I missed out. So, make the most of the summer – grab some lawn chairs and snacks (and maybe even a toque) and enjoy a movie under the stars! We’ll also post drive-in movies if we find any.

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Parade Guide (Family Fun Calgary)

Parade Guide

From the lively music to colourful costumes and ingenious floats, and maybe even the chance of flying candy … what’s not to love about a parade? Find a parade for your family to enjoy with the help of our Parade Guide!

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Beyond the Playground Calgary Parks (Family Fun Calgary)

Parks Guide

Calgary has tons of parks, for all kinds of interests. Playgrounds are often an attraction, but parks hold so much more than that. Calgary parks offer everything from playgrounds to exploring nature to playing a rousing game of whatever you can imagine. (Disc golf, anyone?)

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Five Fantastic Picnic Spots (Family Fun Calgary)

Picnic Spots

Nothing says summer quite like a tasty meal eaten outdoors. When your own backyard gets repetitive, a picnic in a nearby park is a perfect choice! Parents can relax and kids can run around in the fresh air and enjoy amenities like wading pools, playgrounds, spray parks, and wide-open spaces for playing games. Here are 5 of our favourite picnic spots in Calgary. Don’t feel like cooking or making sandwiches?

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Must-Visit Playgrounds (Family Fun Calgary)

Playground Guide

Public playgrounds are great places to have some active fun in the fresh air while exploring our city and perhaps making a new friend or two (kids and parents alike!). So whether you have all day with your kids and are looking to add some interest and physical activity or you’re a working parent and want to make the most of those longer-than-usual evenings you get with your kids, we recommend checking out some new playgrounds and parks.

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Skateboard Parks (Family Fun Calgary)Skateboard Parks

There are so many places in Calgary where kids and teens can go to practice their tricks, as skateboard parks seem to be popping up in many communities. Grab your skateboard (or scooter) and find some outdoor fun at these notable locations. (We’ve also included a couple of indoor skate spots we’ve heard about and there will be a fee for those.)

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Urban Hikes (Family Fun Calgary)

Urban Hikes

Family time is important and if you can combine it with outdoor activity and a short (or non-existent!) drive, it’s even better. As Calgarians do, our family often heads to the mountains for a day of hiking and picnicking. But Calgary, being the sprawling city that it is, has many urban hikes that you can enjoy throughout the year, without ever leaving the city.

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Find more events to enjoy this summer at www.familyfuncalgary.com and plan your own Summer Fun Bucket List filled with great Calgary summer events on our calendar!

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