July 2015

With all of this rain in the forecast lately, there’s only so much time we can spend inside the house. Next rainy day, head out to explore downtown Calgary’s +15 system!

Did you know? Calgary’s +15 Skyway, so aptly named because the walkways are around 15 feet above street level, currently holds the title for the largest pedestrian skywalk system in the world (with an 18 km network of pathways).

Grab the c-train and head for the city centre. Keep a look out for bright blue +15 Skywalk signs to direct your way – or download a map here.

Once you’re on the skywalk, you’ll be guided along by illuminated signs above doorways and will get to play around with these fun, interactive maps your kids are going to love (mine sure did!).

Exploring Calgarys Plus 15s

We started our adventure in the magic of Devonian Gardens (taking the c-train to the 3rd Street station). From there, we made our way through to the Hyatt Regency, Glenbow Museum, Epcor Centre, City Hall, and ended up at the Public Library. With stunning views of Stephen Ave., the Bow, and the Calgary Tower, along with captivating exhibits through the museum and performing arts centre, there were plenty of sights to take in.

My kids couldn’t help but feel like spies sent on a secret mission, with the skywalk completely empty the entire time. It was such a unique experience to have these beautiful skyscrapers seemingly all to ourselves.

Connecting over 100 buildings, with over 60 bridges, exploring the +15 wasn’t something we could do in an afternoon. We’ll definitely be back, and plan to take a different route every time. Next time – we hope to cross paths with you!