July 2015

Ask my husband how I feel about air travel, and I bet he will tell you that flying (in a plane; learning how to do it myself would be pretty awesome) ranks high on my personal Top 10 List of Least Favourite Things to Do. I never let on to my kids, who love the experience, but I’m generally pretty tense when we fly. And I seriously dislike turbulence. I know that a fear of traveling by commercial jet doesn’t make statistical sense; it’s a non-rational fear, but it’s still there. So I think it’s safe to say that I surprised said husband, when I agreed to go on an aerobatic fly-along during a promotion of the new Wings Over Springbank Airshow. I think I surprised myself, for that matter, but this seemed like one of those rare opportunities for a person to Just Do It (Even If You Might Barf).

This potentially life-changing experience, however, was not to be. Weather at the Springbank Airport turned out to be distinctly anti-small-plane on the day in question and the planned flights had to be cancelled. Along with the potential loss of a personal epiphany, I also experienced immediate relief of some serious nervous tension.

Despite the change in plans, I still got a glimpse of the excitement on deck for this weekend’s shows. Several star performers, along with their aircraft, were on display  (the planes, not the pilots) in a dry, non-windy hangar where I got to have a chat, take some photos, and even climb into the cockpits of Bud and Ross Granley’s aerobatic aircraft (a single-seater and a four-seater, which is a rarity). Suffice to say, if you haven’t already purchased tickets I highly recommend getting online and booking your day out!

Wings Over Springbank Airshow happens July 18-19, 2015 in Calgary AB.

Look at these beauties! Tomorrow and Sunday they’ll take to the skies over Calgary.

Planned performances for this weekend’s 2 days of airshow awesomeness include Marcus Paine and his American Champion Super Decathlon, Canadian Armed Forces Skyhawks Parachute Team (that’s one thrill I’m not ever signing up for!), the beloved Canadian Armed Forces Snowbirds, Super Dave Mathieson, the CF-18 Demonstration Team, Brent Handy of Redline Aerobatics and his gorgeous biplane, father-son aerobatic team Bud and Ross Granley who fly in tandem, and Bruce Evans and his T-28 navy trainer aircraft. You will also have the opportunity to check out (and maybe even take a cockpit tour of) Commemorative Air Force Airbase Arizona’s two WWII bombers.

Brent Handy will be performing at the Wings Over Springbank Airshow, July 18-19, 2015 in Calgary AB.

Brent Handy and his beautiful biplane. Would you believe those wings are made of wood and cloth??

For most of these pilots, their love of all things avionic began early in life, and your kids/grandkids are sure to get a huge thrill when they see what these performers and their mechanical partners are capable of.

Even though poor weather grounded today’s fly-along, the weekend weather is looking like it’ll be perfect for the airshow. For more information on the show, and to find out how to purchase tickets to Wings Over Springbank, click here. Don’t forget your hat, sunscreen, water, camera, favourite children, and sense of adventure.

As for my first-ever aerobat fly-along? My fingers are crossed (and gut slightly clenched) for next year!