There’s something iconic about a candy store. It’s a child’s wonderland, with sugary sweet delights that are often colourful and always delicious. Even adults can’t always resist the lure of the candy store, especially when they find nostalgic sweets that bring back those happy, carefree days of childhood. Sure, you can buy candy at any corner store or supermarket, but check out one of our favourite local Calgary candy stores for something really special.

Gummi Boutique

This candy store is as much about the cool pop culture nostalgia as the actual candy. (On their website, you can search candy by decade.) The shop in Kensington offers up shelves full of unique and wacky candy items and memorabilia. Find everything from Charleston Chews to Nerds, along with imports, loads of chocolate, and sodas.

Address: 205 10th St NW, Calgary, AB
Phone: 587-353-0031

Oliver’s Candies

A Calgary institution, Oliver’s offers a classy take on candy, serving up premium chocolate and top-notch hard candies. Old-fashioned without being kitschy, this is candy for those with classic but discerning taste. Due to COVID, the factory store will be closed till further notice.

Address: Bay C 2828 54 Ave SE, Calgary, AB
Phone: 403-266-6028

Pixie’s Candy Parlour

Step back into your childhood at Pixie’s Candy. This old-fashioned candy shop is a family-owned business and will take you down memory lane. They offer sweets from every decade and an authentic 1950’s soda fountain (there are only a handful of these in operation in Canada). You can also order Sugar Rush Candy Subscription boxes, for a monthly sweet-tooth fix.

Address: #207 – 11135 14 St NE, Calgary, AB
Phone: 403-567-0109


Located in the heart of Chinatown, Qalala is a family-run business and your destination for delicious treats from Asia. Reviews say they have the best Japanese candy.

Address: 328 Centre St SE # 151, Calgary, AB
Phone: 403-701-1338

Sweet Factory

Sweet Factory fills Calgary’s sweet tooth and became the first fashion-inspired candy boutique in 2012, selling everything from candy to fudge and soft-serve ice cream to trendy candy accessories. It offers a fun, upbeat vibe, and with the open-factory concept, you can also see how candies are made.

Address: Concourse D, 2000 Airport Road NE, Calgary, AB
Phone: 403-291-4481

Sweet Fusion

If you’re looking for your favourite retro sweets or imported treats, head to Sweet Fusion. They have specialty and bulk candy, sodas, imports, and chocolate. They carry some unique novelty items, like giant, 5-lb gummi bears (subject to availability) and they aim to exceed your expectations for all things sweet.

Address: 3919 Richmond Road SW, Calgary, AB
Phone: 403-255-0918

Yummy Co. Retro Candy Shoppe

Yummy Co. is only open from Friday to Sunday but has an online option as well. As the name suggests, they specialize in nostaligc candies and sweets. You can purchase candy time capsule boxes with retro treats, imported candy, and salt water taffy, among loads of other candy.

Address: Crossroads Farmers Market: 1235-26th Avenue SE, Calgary, AB
Phone: 403-279-9866

Candy Shops Near Calgary

Banff Candy Store

Banff Candy Store has an excellent selection of new and retro candy, including imports, sodas, and chocolate.

Address: 126 Banff Ave, Banff, AB
Phone: 403-762-3737

Banff Sweet Shoppe

With imports, retro, and modern candy, Banff Sweet Shoppe also is famous for its delicious fudge and hand-made chocolates.

Address: 201 Banff Ave, Banff, AB
Phone: 403-762-3213

Old Tyme Candy Shoppe

Specializing in retro, nostalgic, and hard-to-find candy, the Old Tyme Candy Shoppe in Canmore makes a great day trip treat. They also have locations in Lake Louise and Radium Hot Springs.

Address: 717 Main St. #100, Canmore, AB
Phone: 403-678-9311

Nanton Candy

This one is a bit of a drive, but if the weather is decent, it’s worth it. This huge candy store is packed with all of your favourites and there’s even a little antique store tucked in the back if you want to take something non-edible home with you.

Address: 2131 20 Street, Nanton, AB
Phone: 403-646-0000

Are we missing your favourite spot for high-octane sugar? Let us know your favourite candy store in Calgary!

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